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Fwd: [Telescopes] VC200L

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  • Phil Harrington
    Message text written by INTERNET:telescopes@egroups.com ... then?
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2000
      Message text written by INTERNET:telescopes@egroups.com
      >So the Klevzov&VC200L are the same type of scopes as those newtonians


      No, I didn't say that. The VC200L and Klevzov are similar, though I don't
      know enough about the latter's optical system to say that they are the
      same. The Celestron G8-N and C105-HD and the Orion ShortTube reflectors
      are Newtonian knock-offs. In that case, they use lens systems before the
      diagonal to stretch the focal length, and possibly to get away with using a
      short focal length, spherical mirror. BTW, has anyone actually confirmed

      Clear Skies,
      Phil Harrington
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