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Technical Writer Vacancy (RQT#F7#)

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2008
      Iqura has new openings in the following area:

      >Technical Writer

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       Contact us:
       5/1-87 Hosur Road
       Bangalore 560 068
       REF: RQT#F7#
      Technical Writer with 3-5 years experience

      . Excellent oral and written communication skills in English required.
      . Minimum 6 years of dedicated technical writing experience developing documentation for enterprise applications, software products, web applications, network management applications, or equivalent.
      . Manage documentation projects single handedly, manage projects plans, scoping, and implementation in aggressive timelines. Must be able to provide accurate estimates on all Technical writing projects and meet those dates.
      . Flexibility in working hours.
      . People management skills.
      . Experience developing and delivering technical trainings to the customers.
      . Excellent time management skills. Must be able to multi-task.
      . Must be able to excel in a fast paced start-up environment and be willing to meet aggressive deadlines

      Essential Skills: Technical Writing, Robohelp, Photoshop

                Location: Bangalore

      If this job is suitable for you, call us back immediately to Schedule an Interview for you.

      Call Indurani at 9448990701 or on 2552 9209 for this position.


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