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31321Call for Tekumel Events at U-Con

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  • George Hammond
    Aug 15 8:55 AM
      Hi all,

      The U-Con gaming convention is once again hosting a Tekumel Track - a full weekend of Tekumel gaming!

      This year the con runs all day Friday November 14th through Sunday the 16th, and is once again at the Eagle Crest Hotel and Conference Center in sunny Ypsilanti Michigan (near Ann Arbor and Detroit).

      Here is the main page for the con website. It's not too early to reserve hotel rooms at the discounted con rate!

      Here is the event submission page for GMs:
      https://www.ucon-gaming.org/ reg/gcs/gm/submit.php

      Event Registration is open! GMs please submit your events as soon as possible! I'm a volunteer coordinator for the Tekumel Track. That means I advise the con staff on scheduling events, so gm's, if you have scheduling preferences or needs, let me know as well as including them on the form.

      If you are coming, or even thinking about coming, please let me know! If you are going to run an event, or even thinking about running an event, then this goes double! Think of me as your local clan-cousin, happy to help ease your travel, and facilitate your rise to glory in the Empire. Every good Tekumelani knows that it's important to work with your clan...  ;)