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Re: clans of the Pan Chaka

That paticular little bit of gold was given to me, if i remember correctly, in a data base of the professor's refered to as who's who in tekumel. Ultimate
    Alva Hardison
    7:07 PM
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    Re: clans of the Pan Chaka [1 Attachment]

    Hi Its in the ôTekumel Lineages Clans and notes 2.1ö in the files section of this group (and having looked to find it, I was using an old version so make
      Andrew Davey
      4:31 PM
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      Re: clans of the Pan Chaka

      Heh. What's the source for the clan and temple association? I knew Prof Barker's alter-ego in Tekumel was "Firu ba Yeker" - I didn't know he'd given himself a
      George Hammond
      7:37 AM

      Re: River Name [1 Attachment]

      Thanks Howard I will call it that until I hear of an official name Andrew From: tekumel@yahoogroups.com [mailto:tekumel@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Sunday, 5 July
        Andrew Davey
        6:05 AM
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        clans of the Pan Chaka

        I was wondering about the very amusingly named clan Ultimate Secret clan Bá Yéker- Ultimate Secret clan (very high status), Sárku worshipers. I expect
          Andrew Davey
          5:30 AM
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          Re: Finding a S&G game in New Orleans

          Welcome back. You might have more luck finding a Tekumel game without specifying the game system. I've only ever played in one S&G game and I live in
          Brett Slocum
          Jul 5

          Re: River Name

          Hi Andrew, No published name AFAIK - however - in the Butrus Gazetteer it is christened the Berjadu River and that is what I use. (Accent on the "a"). Howard
          Jul 5
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          Finding a S&G game in New Orleans

          Hi everyone: It's been many years since my last post under the moniker SuuShih. Under Files, you can still see some of my last posts back in 2009. I had to
          Jul 4

          River Name

          Just South of Butrús on the Turina River another river branches off south (hex 3507) goes between the Forest and Flats and ends up with a hook in the
            Andrew Davey
            Jul 4
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            File - Tekumel FAQ (v. 2014)

            Tekumel FAQ Last Update: 2014/12/01 Administrivia Recent additions and changes to the FAQ Information about this document General Professor Barker (1929 –
            Jul 1

            James' post repeated

            Sorry about the repeated post. I was on vacation and I tried dealing with it from my phone, but it seemed to fail. I now see that it succeeded, but Yahoo still
            Brett Slocum
            Jun 23

            Re: Issue 3 of The Excellent Traveling Volume is now available

            Glad to see more copies are finally appearing in the wild. The mysteries of international mail elude me. I've had copies make it across the Atlantic Ocean
            Jun 23

            Re: Free RPG Day

            Well, they are idiots then. Couldn't agree more. From: "Andreas Davour Koraq@... [tekumel]" To: "tekumel@yahoogroups.com"
            Alva Hardison
            Jun 19

            Re: Free RPG Day

            A 5e module is the word that I'm getting from those people who are running it locally. From: "Zane Healy healyzh@... [tekumel]"
            Alva Hardison
            Jun 19

            Re: Free RPG Day

            Nothing will stop you from approaching your local game store and run a game on FRPGD, and give out some freebie. I did that in my local store a few years back.
            Andreas Davour
            Jun 19
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