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Re: sarku and copper

This comes up because players want to be "adventurers". Professor Barker told me once that there are no "adventurers" on Tekumel - at least not in the D&D
5:10 AM

Re: sarku and copper

Molten aluminum reacts with explosive force when water comes in contact - sufficient to level buildings - and yet water is used to cool aluminum billets as
5:02 AM

Re: sarku and copper

Metal is just that. I have not heard of metal which can be worn during spellcasting. However, chlen is akin to bronze in strength and sacrificial targets
1:08 AM

Re: sarku and copper

... In my Tekumel, the only metal jewelry they could wear while carrying the sacrificial dagger would be religious copper jewelry that had been enchanted the
George Hammond
10:56 PM

sarku and copper

Sorry about the last post I didn't finish it and didn't mean to send it The question is can sarku priests wear copper jewellery and their ceremonial dagger and
    Andrew Davey
    10:19 PM
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    Sarku and copper

    According to Bethorm a sorcerer can only carry
      Andrew Davey
      8:41 PM
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      Scripts for the humans on Venus

      http://pathosglasbeard.deviantart.com/ Pathosglasbeard did some really excellent work doing scripts for the lojban based languages used in Hive, Queen and
      Terry Sofian
      May 2

      File - Tekumel FAQ (v. 2014)

      Tekumel FAQ Last Update: 2014/12/01 Administrivia Recent additions and changes to the FAQ Information about this document General Professor Barker (1929 –
      May 1

      Re: Humanspace Empires

      Oh, I wish I knew! Sent from my iPad ... Oh, I wish I knew! Sent from my iPad On Apr 30, 2015, at 7:13 PM, koryak78@... [tekumel]
      Mark Siefert
      Apr 30

      Humanspace Empires

      I posted this elsewhere yesterday, but figured I'd try with the discussion group here on Yahoo. With 2015 appearing to indeed be the year of Tekumel, I am
      Apr 30

      RE: [Tekumel] New Post on Tékumel Collecting

      Noticed a few weeks ago on the map that came with guardians of order in the middle of the sea is what looks like a clan Glyph Looked at all the ones I can
        Andrew Davey
        Apr 22
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        New Post on Tékumel Collecting

        A new post on Tékumel Collecting discusses Howard Fielding's Tékumel Club. Short History of Tékumel Miniatures 8: The Tékumel Club
        Apr 17

        Re: Sounds like other-planar energy to me ....

        Stargate Atlantis: Zero Point Module. That someone would find something like that is really extraordinary. From: "tekumelcollector@... [tekumel]"
        Alva Hardison
        Apr 15

        Re: Sounds like other-planar energy to me ....

        Or perhaps a reactionless manuever drive and the Traveller universe. ... Brett Slocum On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 10:10 AM,
        Brett Slocum
        Apr 15

        Sounds like other-planar energy to me ....

        "... energy can be derived from tapping into the quantum vacuum, also known as “zero-point” energy or “free energy.” Can the Excellent Ruby Eye be far
        Apr 15
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