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latest news from our friends

Hi, Have you heard fromour friends lately? You can read some news about them here Typos courtesy of my iPhone,
Jun 17, 2016

that's so gooood

Just take a look at this stuff, it's reaaly good, more info here Hope this helps, lagoudakis@...
Jun 3, 2016

Re: Tekkotsu upgrade to C++11 standard

Great news! I'll give a try at Tekkotsu build Ignacio Herrero Reder / Tl. +34- Dpto. Tecnologia Electronica / Fax: +34-
Ignacio Herrero Reder
May 9, 2016

Tekkotsu upgrade to C++11 standard

Tekkotsu now supports the C++11 standard. That means you can use C++0x and C++11 constructs in your code without getting compiler warnings. Only trivial
Dave Touretzky
May 8, 2016

Re: Build problem for AIBO

Tekkotsu supports Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. We don't support non-LTS versions. If there are gcc differences in 15.04, you're on your own. But if you're planning to
Dave Touretzky
Oct 15, 2015

Build problem for AIBO

Hi All, I'm a newbie of tekkotsu framework. I tried to build it for AIBO (TGT_ERS210) by following the instructions at
Taku Izumi
Oct 15, 2015

Re: SOUND: Error preparing PCM device.

... I wouldn't worry about that error message; you can ignore it. If speech isn't working, it's probably because some other program has locked the audio
Dave Touretzky
Jul 9, 2015

SOUND: Error preparing PCM device.

Hi and a problem again!!!! I was testing some basic state machines yesterday and everything was fine, but today for no reason, speech is not working and i get
Jul 9, 2015

Re: Tekkotsu Documentation

... That tutorial is very old, and has been largely replaced by the "Labs" material on the Tekkotsu wiki. ... No, those features are from the earliest days of
Dave Touretzky
Jul 8, 2015

Tekkotsu Documentation

Hello again. I want to write a state machine for my robot like this: search for two objects (each object can have 3 colors), when saw them, go to the next
Jul 8, 2015

Re: Problem with compiling mirage chess source code

Thanks Dave. Deleting this .o file and a couple of others .o files and re-running the make worked. I don't know the reason, but disk space was good. From:
Faezeh Mirzaei
Jul 7, 2015

Re: Problem with compiling mirage chess source code

... It looks like one of the object files got truncated due to a compilation being interrupted. (This can also happen if you run out of disk space in the
Dave Touretzky
Jul 7, 2015

Re: Problem with compiling mirage chess source code

You'r the best Dave. Thanks. I updated my Tekkotsu and the problem with chess is gone now. But when i wanted to recompile my Tekkotsu, there was a problem:
Jul 7, 2015

Re: Problem with compiling mirage chess source code

... There were a couple of source files that needed to be added to the Makefile. I've fixed the problem and checked in a new version to CVS. -- Dave
Dave Touretzky
Jul 5, 2015

Problem with compiling mirage chess source code

Hi everyone. I am gonna compile mirage chess source code. I created a "project" folder on the desktop and copied the tools/chess folder in it. Make command
Jul 5, 2015
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