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2373Re: [tekkotsu_dev] Installing OPENR

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  • Dave Touretzky
    Jan 19, 2014
      The error message indicates that some documentation is failing to build.

      ../../../binutils-2.15/gas/doc/as.texinfo:3609: @itemx must follow @item

      A quick Google search suggests that the problem is due to an update in
      TexInfo, causing it to flag minor document deficiencies that were
      previously ignored.

      A quick fix would be to disable the portion of the
      build-aibo-toolchain-3.3.6-r3.sh script (or maybe it's some script
      inside binutils-2.15) that builds the documentation.

      Do you really have an AIBO robot, along with a pink memory stick and a
      memory stick programmer? Or are you only interested in running on a
      simulated AIBO? If the latter, then you don't need OPEN-R at all.

      -- Dave Touretzky
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