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2364[tekkotsu_dev] Recording scenes in MIRAGE

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  • Ignacio Herrero Reder
    Jun 24, 2013
      Hello. I wonder if is there any way to record scenes of simulations in MIRAGE, so I could replay them moving the camera to find the better point of view.
      Is there any way to link frames in MIRAGE windows with frames in AIBO simulated camera? That is, I can record on-board AIBO images with a frame number, and, I would like to relate this frame numbers with the view in MIRAGE window. perhaps passing
      frame info from the simulator to MIRAGE and printing it at a corner?

      I would like also add some other useful (i think) features to mirage, as a vector arrow which could point to the planned movement direction; i think this should involve again passing information from simulator to MIRAGE, has anybody any information
      about MIRAGE implementation or how could I try to do this?

      THANKS a lot in advance!

      Ignacio Herrero Reder / Tl. +34-
      Dpto. Tecnologia Electronica / Fax: +34-
      E.T.S. Ing. Telecomunicacion / nhr@...
      Universidad de Malaga / http://www.dte.uma.es
      Campus Universitario de Teatinos
      29010 Malaga, Spain
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