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2362Re: [tekkotsu_dev] Installing Tekkotsu

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  • Dave Touretzky
    Jan 30, 2013
      > I'm a masters student at University of Calgary. I'm trying to program
      > Aibos using Tekkotsu.

      The "Ubuntu install instructions" are for Tekkotsu version 5.1. The
      AIBO requires an older version of the gcc compiler (version 3.3.6), as
      described here:


      This compiler may no longer be able to compile Tekkotsu 5.1. It looks
      like the compiler is choking on some use of templates that is perfectly
      legal in gcc 4.4.

      You have several options:

      1. You can disable those portions of Tekkotsu 5.1 that won't compile.
      Not sure how much you'll have to chop out besides the path planner. But
      it's an easy experiment to do. Maybe instad of chopping out
      PlannerObstacles.h you can just hack it a bit to remove the template
      usage that is causing the compiler error.

      2. You can revert to Tekkotsu 4.0.1, linked from this page:


      This is a really old version that is missing many features, and doesn't
      match the online documentation (e.g., it uses DoStart instead of
      doStart, and processEvent instead of doEvent). Among other things, it's
      missing the state machine compiler, which makes a huge difference in
      terms of ease of programming. But if you just want to see if you can
      get your ancient AIBO to work, this might be the easiest way to compile
      and run a "hello world" behavior.

      3. If you don't have to run on the real robot, you can stick with
      Tekkotsu 5.1 and use the Mirage simulator to simulate an AIBO.

      4. If you have a few dollars to invest, you could purchase a modern
      Tekkotsu robot such as the Calliope2SP. It's not as cute as an AIBO,
      but it's much easier to work with since it runs Ubuntu instead of

      -- Dave Touretzky
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