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2349Re: [tekkotsu_dev] Robot as object in Mirage simulator

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  • Ethan Tira-Thompson
    Jul 4, 2012
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      Since you are using Tekkotsu to load and send the .kin to mirage, it’s mostly a matter of having Tekkotsu set the current position before it sends it to mirage.  There is a Motion.StartPose setting in Tekkotsu which is supposed to be able to load a posture file during launch for the initial joint angles.  However, I haven’t been using this myself, and last I heard it was buggy so that might need to be checked.

      If you weren’t loading via Tekkotsu, you could also change the .kin file's qOffset for each joint to control the zero position of the joint, or I think if you set the joint’s Min and Max values to the position you are looking for that should also do it.  Both of these would also affect the way Tekkotsu uses the file however, so this would only work for ‘static’ models.


      On Jul 3, 2012, at 5:53 AM, Ignacio Herrero Reder <nhr@...> wrote:


      Hello Ethan. Regarding to this way to add a robot object to a mirage scene, how could I change kinematics file (".kin") so an AIBO robot starts in a different pose?
      Or, does the kinemtaics file just describe the relationship of the joints, so I cannot change that initial pose?
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      El 17/06/2012 2:54, Ethan Tira-Thompson escribió:
      Hi all,

      I’ll add that the .mirage files support setting a path to a kinematics file for an object, which would allow you to actually load the full robot .kin instead of individual meshes.  All of the joints are set and held at 0.  I’ll attach an example (edit the file path for your system, FYI relative paths should be interpreted relative to the location of the .mirage file itself)

      An advanced alternative is to have a program, possibly a full tekkotsu executable, launch and connect to Mirage, send the kinematics and joint angles you want to use, and also set the persist flag and exit.  You could have a shell script dynamically load up a world without keeping a bunch of executables in memory, e.g. just set the Drivers.Mirage.Persist setting to true in Tekkotsu before exiting.  See also tools/mazegen, tools/chess, tools/dhcalc…


      On Jun 13, 2012, at 10:42 PM, Dave Touretzky wrote:


      > I've build a world in mirage, and I would like to add some robot
      > models as objects inside of it. Is there any way to do that?

      Yes. I've written a new wiki section about this:


      -- Dave

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