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275Re: [Teen Atheists of the World] i didnt think this would work

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  • Amber Adams
    Nov 11, 2005
      Sounds cool, I can't go on it, i'm on someone elses
      com. and they are really official about getting on
      sites...so yeah...anywho, what's up with you? I'm
      pretty great! i'm a chic and i'm not into the dating
      on line thing, but i'll take friends....yeah,
      so...talk to me if you feel like it...anyone from Ga?
      anyone know "Showbread"? cause I don't like them...I
      seen them at a show last night, it wasn't that great.
      The pit was kinda cool, but the dance, i'm not into
      that...but the pit was FUN!!!

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