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266Atheist Alliance International

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  • atheistinfo
    Mar 4, 2005
      Atheist Alliance Internations will be having its annual convention
      in Loas Angelse this year go to
      www.atheistalliance.org for more information and to sign up for the
      Convention dates are March 25-27 2005. Some of the convention
      highlights are

      Penn & Teller will accept the Richard Dawkins award for outstanding
      work in the cause of atheism during
      Sunday's brunch.

      Richard Dawkins, author of eight books,

      Charles Simonyi Professor For The Understanding Of Science at Oxford
      University, and
      THE world's most renowned atheist.

      Julia Sweeney, writer-actress, on the reaction to her hit show
      Letting Go of God.

      Dr. Robert Price, member of the Jesus Seminar, author of The
      Incredible Shrinking Son of Man.

      Andrew Bradley, Author of "What Would Betty Do? A Spiritual Guide to
      Qualifying for the '10 Sins or Less'
      Express Line at Judgment Day", Creator of bettybowers.com -
      America's Best Christian, and senior writer for
      Landover Baptist Church.

      Dr. Bruce Flamm was quoted in Time Magazine, as the man whose
      persistent inquiry proved the
      Korean-Columbia fertility study to be fatally flawed.

      Ben Akerly, Author of "The X-Rated Bible".

      Joel Pelletier, artist/activist will be displaying and discussing
      his modern update of James Ensor's Christ's
      Entry into Brussels, an over 8x14 foot American Fundamentalists
      (Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008),
      which warns of the modern dangers to the Constitution and freedom of
      speech posed by modern American

      And much more!