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262Invitation to join World Science

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  • centaurus@world-science.net
    Nov 20, 2004
      We invite you to join the free World Science news list!
      To subscribe for free, just send an email to:

      (that's .NET, not .COM!)

      and type "subscribe" in the subject line.

      World Science is an e-newsletter containing updates from
      the free World Science website, http://www.world-science.net ,
      which carries some of the world's most exciting science
      news and photos. Major science news stories often appear
      in World Science long before they're in the papers. Our readers
      lately got stories on the shape of the universe, why babies are
      abandoned, and an amazing photo of hidden patterns in the sky.
      You'll get no spam, we guarantee it.

      The World Science e-list isn't a discussion group, but there will
      eventually be a discussion forum at the website. World Science
      is completely free. There will never be any annoying log-ins,
      passwords or popups.


      This is an invitation from World Science. We don't plan on sending
      you any more of these, but if you wish to make sure, please email
      news@... with "remove" in the subject line. Please
      mention which email lists you belong to so we can avoid
      contacting you through those lists.