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254Check out this ultimate philosophical/theological discussion group!...

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  • bob_love101
    Mar 23, 2004
      Check out this ultimate philosophical/theological discussion


      ONLY by completely defining what an Omnipresent, Omniscient,
      Omnipotent God is, near "exactly as humanly possible," then we can
      understand many secrets of Life in this World/Universe.

      This is an open discussion group with some exceptions. Group is
      moderated to prevent unrelated subject matter. If you can contribute
      to the topic (defining God), and can follow a few simply rules,
      you'll be heard. We are not about " if " IT/God exists, but rather
      about "defining" IT. All members are required to post "their
      personal" definition of God before posting messages. Post your
      definition of God, making it clear and concise for any layman to
      comprehend. Quoting the so-called holy books in your definition of
      God, will not fly here. PLEASE make your FIRST post "a definition"
      ONLY, and please DO NOT post ANY "unnecessary" coments in your first

      Place some "logic" behind your thoughts. Speak your mind, but keep
      an open mind, because you may not like what comes back. "Off
      subject" views will probably not get posted.

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