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My REAL life experiences as a child

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  • Elizabeth A
    How I was broght up Interview by `Po Elizabeth: Hi, you are on my friends list here on Yahoo. Have we chatted before? Po: Hi. No I don t think so. I am
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      How I was broght up Interview by `Po'


      Elizabeth:  Hi, you are on my 'friends list' here on Yahoo. Have we chatted before?

      Po :  Hi. No I don't think so. I am Phoebe -- 17 Las Vegas .

      Elizabeth :  I am from London/England. But we must have had some kind of contact.?!?

      Po :  Probably one of the spanking groups?

      Elizabeth :  Aha, yes, probably

      Po :  How old are you are you a mother or a teenager?

      Elizabeth :  No I am not a mother. I am a teenager (almost 18)

      Po:  Just a little older than me.

      Elizabeth :  The photo is from when I was 14.

      Po :  Do you still get spankings or did you use to?

      Elizabeth :  I used to. I have just started Uni here in the UK , so I don't live at home anymore.

      Po :  Well I hate spankings for me but I do like hearing about other girl's experiences.

      Elizabeth :  Well I hate them too, but I start to understand WHY my parents were so strict. You should see the other students here at Uni.

      Po :  lol never felt a hairbrush on their bare bottoms?

      Elizabeth :  Yes I have. Mom always started with the hand, and then she finished with a wooden clothes brush. When your bottom is already sore from the hand, the wooden brush feels like made out of red-hot iron. it hurts so incredible.

      Po :  OMG I can imagine. Was that your typical spanking?

      Elizabeth : Yes, I usually got the same. It's a Only twice did I get what mom called a 'proper' spanking, but I just want to forget that.

      Po :  The clothes brush wasn't a proper spanking?

      Elizabeth :  The worst was a 'proper' spanking, and I got it two times, and I know my sister got it once, but she is younger than me, so who knows. Well, I had to go with mom in the car to ASDA (its like Wal-Mart in the US) and around there parking spaces they have birch trees, So I had to go out and pick 3 branches, and when mom was satisfied with them, I had to sit all the way home with the birch in my hand. I remember I almost fainted out of fright or anticipation or whatever. But it was horrible. When we got home, I had to go to the Lounge and undress, and then go over the back of the settee' and THEN I got what mom called it 'taste' the birch.

      Po :  OMG

      Elizabeth :  Yes, I know.

      Po :  So that was like a switching?

      Elizabeth :  Yes, but with 3 switches together. I got it for mom finding cigarettes in my bag and for meeting a boy I wasn't allowed to see.

      Po :  Have you ever seen your little sister get a spanking?

      Elizabeth :  Yes, 2 or 3 times. We only got it in front of each other when we had done something wrong together.

      Po :  So you had to get one also. No fun to watch a sister when you are next I'm sure

      Elizabeth :  No, not at all.

      Po :  Did you see her take the clothes brush?

      Elizabeth :  No, I think we 'only' got hand spankings those times. I can't remember why?!?

      Po :  I'm sure that clothes brush must sting like fire.

      Elizabeth :  It was like it was made out of IRON really, glowing red-hot IRON. Well, it's like longer than a hairbrush. 

      Po :  That must have bruised badly.

      Elizabeth :  It depended on what I had done. if it was bad; I got more of the brush. It was ether mom or dad who told me that I was 'in for it' or had to prepare myself for my 'medicine'. I had to go to the small TV room and 'chill' and think about what I had done. I then had to undress from waist down, and wait for (usually) mom to come in. She put one of the chairs in the middle of the room, sat down and started to lecture me. When I had said I understood, I had to go over her knee and… yes, you guessed it!

      Po :  Oh yikes the pants off lecture? That's even worse.

      Elizabeth :  Yes. I know.

      Po :  Sometimes you had to do it in front of your dad?

      Elizabeth :  Only up to 11 or 12, then it was just mom.

      Po :  Well that's good anyway but still very embarrassing isn't it? Did you cover up your bush while you stood there getting yelled at?

      Elizabeth :  No I was always told to just stand there with my hands at my side, and look mom in the eyes while she told me off. I know it sounds stupid, but I used to start to cry then.

      Po :  Oh course it doesn't sound stupid. A big girl punished like a little girl.

      Elizabeth :  Yes, I felt so stupid.

      Po :  How long did you have to take the "full bush lecture" as we call it?

      Elizabeth :  I don't know. It felt like hours, but I don't think it was more than a few minutes.

      Po :  Oh without any pants a few minutes is way too long! And you said the clothes brush was metal or you were just saying it felt like red-hot metal?

      Elizabeth :  No, It is wood, but when your bottom is already sore from the hand it FEELS like made from iron.

      Po :  Lol I see what you mean. So after you stood there exposed for the lecture then you got a hand spanking followed by the brush? Why both do you know? I have heard that from other girls where their spankings start with the hand and then switch to a brush or paddle or something.

      Elizabeth :  Well, sometimes it was 'just' the hand, but mostly it followed by the brush. I don't know really. I guess she thought that for some things I did, I 'needed' more than just hand. I really don't know.

      Po :  They don't explain those things do they?

      Elizabeth :  Not to me they didn't.

      Po :  When you went over her lap did you know whether you would get the brush or not?  Or was it a nasty surprise?

      Elizabeth :  Sometimes I did but only if I knew that what I had done really made her mad.

      Po :  I'm interested in the psychological part do you remember what you were thinking when you got undressed?  You had to do it quite some time before the spanking it sounds like

      Elizabeth :  Yes, it usually took about half an hour between me being sent to the small TV room and mom entered, and during that time I had to undress from waist down, but I could keep my socks on, if I had any on.

      Po :  Waiting like that can you remember what you were thinking?

      Elizabeth :  Yes I know. I could only get one thing into my mind at that time. To get it over with as soon as possible and partly the brush, but I usually didn't worry about the brush until she stopped with the hand, and stretched for the brush.

      Po :  Well it's good that you didn't sit there fearing the brush the whole time.



      Well you wanted to know what you would see when I was waiting for my correction from mom, and how I felt. When I had prepared the small TV room and myself for the spanking, it was usually about 20 minutes left just waiting for mom. I waited like that so many times, but strangely enough I almost always felt the same. I stood there bare from waist down, usually with my socks still on. For some reason I always stood with my feet together (like in attention) but not because mom had told me to.


      I think it was just that fact that I was tense. I stood there, always facing the door where mom would enter, looking down at the floor or at my fingers that I fiddled with while waiting. I also usually caressed one leg with the other foot, like in a nervous movement, or like I was freezing. Yes, I was standing there in perhaps just a T-shirt and socks, but it wasn't often very cold. I think it was just the apprehension and the fear that made me feel cold. I almost always had a lump in my chest and my heart would go on overdrive, and that would go up on even higher speed when I heard the door handle go, and mom come in.


      She would always go straight in and sit at the chair that I put in the middle of the room (without her saying anything) and then make a sign with her hand that I should stand right in front of her, looking her straight in the eyes, while she told me off and lectured me. Mom had usually calmed down and told me slowly and clearly what I had done. I was not allowed to say ANYTHING even if what she said wasn't true. When she had finished telling me off, she would just ask:  'DO YOU UNDERSTAND? The only thing I was allowed to say was "Yes, Ma'am" or "No, Ma'am". I was NOT allowed to explain why I hadn't done something for example or why I had done something. she did not want to know that. Just if I had understood what she said, or she would repeat exactly what she had already said. When I said "Yes, ma'am", she would pull out the creases of her skirt, trousers or Jeans and give her own lap a small smack as a signal that it was time for me to go over her lap



      Po :  How did you take your spankings with the brush?

      Elizabeth :  I learned at about 12 how to lay still, and I think my sis learned that too at about the same age. But my brother still wriggles. I know, because mom always teasing him about it at dinner. But it is hard to lay ABSOLUTELY still during the brush. I start to 'cuddle' my feet (as mom call it) when the brush starts.

      Po :  What do you mean?

      Elizabeth:  I layed almost still during the hand, but when the brush started, I started to rub the feet together and wriggle a bit, but not as much that I got out of position.

      Po :  It sounds like you took your spankings like a good girl. Did you get your thighs spanked?

      Elizabeth :  Only if I got out of position. Very rarely.

      Po :  What was her spanking technique? Was it fast or slow -- and where on your bottom? Anywhere she particularly liked to spank?

      Elizabeth :  It's funny (but not fun) that she almost always spanked the same way. I wonder if most parents do that? First when I got into the position she wanted me in (feet just off the floor) she rested her hand on my bottom, till I relaxed, and then she started left-right-centre-left and so on. I don't know for how long that was, but the bottom got sore, then she started to concentrate on one side, with perhaps 5 or 6 quick smacks on one side in the same place, then she did the same on the other side, and the back to left-right-centre-left and so on. and when the butt was really on fire, she took the brush. With the brush it was left right left, unless she was REALLY angry…  Then it was centered on one particular place, and then she spanked with an angle so just the tip of the brush hit the same spot all the time. You have NO idea how that felt. I thought I would break in half. the pain was just too much. But that was not often.

      Po :  You poor thing and you still were able to stay still and take those spankings like that? I would have been screaming. Those were real spankings!

      Elizabeth :  Yes they were. Don't get me wrong, I know she did it for my sake, but I will NOT use the brush on my children, if I ever have any. If I had one of those brushings were she concentrated on one small area, my legs went everywhere and not getting out of position went out of the window. You just CAN'T lay still during that pain. I have to say it wasn't often she did that with the brush, but 'normal' brushing hurts a lot too.

      Po :  Did you rub and dance afterwards?

      Elizabeth :  I didn't dance since I was little, I think. Well, I did after one of those really BAD brushings. After, mom just left me alone in the small TV room while I stopped sobbing and crying and got my composure back, and then she returned after 5 or 10 minutes, and then we just hugged. I can't remember when I was little, but it seemed I got a lot when I was 12 and 13, and then it dropped off. Do you think that the spanking you have received was 'good' for you, or was it 'wrong' for you to be spanked, do you think?

      Po :  I am pretty resentful of the whole thing actually. It did however cause this fascination with knowing what happened to other girls which I kind of enjoy LOL.

      Elizabeth :  When did you last get it then?

      Po :  Last June how about you?

      Elizabeth :  I got it just before Uni, in September last year.

      [Sending Videos]

      Elizabeth : I am watching. I know just how she feels now. and here comes the tears.

      Po :  Are your butt cheeks clenched?

      Elizabeth :  You bet! But she took it quite well, but my 'whacks' were harder.

      Po :  Oh really? Harder wow.

      Po :  Not as many though were they? That was like 150 or something.

      Elizabeth :  No, I didn't get that many, but they were harder, but I still know how she feels. But I NEED to go now. Its 12 midnight here.

      Po :  Thank you for describing your home spankings for me. Well some other time.

      Elizabeth :  I'd love too.

      Po :  Talk to you later. Have a good night.


      Elizabeth :  Hi again. Do you have time for a chat?

      Po :  Hi sure.

      Elizabeth :  Thanks. I feel so much since yesterday, but I am a bit confused.

      Po :  What is wrong?

      Elizabeth :  I have been reading your 'out takes' and watched the movie over and over again. Nothing is wrong. I just don't know what to make of all this.

      Po :  It is normal to hate your own spankings but enjoy hearing about others you know.

      Elizabeth :  I don't even know what I am supposed to feel. But I feel something.

      Po :  Spankings are very emotional. You have had many traumatic experiences. Watching other girls get it and reading about their experiences can take you back but I find it fun because you get the thrills without the pain and embarrassment.

      Elizabeth :  Yes, I have and I really HATE being spanked, so why do I feel like this?!?. I just don't know.

      Po :  How do you feel? Excited?  Is it sexual or is it you feel like you shouldn't be enjoying other girl's punishments?

      Elizabeth :  It is so hard to explain. No, it's not sexual. at least I don't think it is. it's more like. I just watch and feel warm inside. My heart rate goes up, just as it is before I get spanked. I don't know.

      Po :  Exactly that's the way it is with me. It isn't sexual but it's kind of like a roller coaster ride isn't it like when you are just ready to go over the top. It's exciting and fun I think.

      Elizabeth :  Yes, and believe me, I SUFFERED with that girl getting the brush from her 'sister'. I really did! But I watched it over and over again. I am sorry I'm such a 'weakling' but I should not feel like this. But I do. It is so wired.

      Po :  Look I'm not a psychiatrist but why do you think there are all of these Yahoo groups

      Po :  and ning groups and websites and story sites all about spankings? It is because there are tons -- millions of people interested in seeing and hearing about other people's spankings. Maybe it isn't "normal" but it's hardly unusual.

      Elizabeth :  Well, it's not SEX for me. or at least it doesn't feel like it.

      Po :  Don't worry about it just enjoy whatever you enjoy. I know it isn't for me either but it is a strange kind of excitement a little bit like watching a horror movie. You don't want to watch but you are still compelled in a strange way.

      Elizabeth :  I don't know why, but what really makes THAT feeling is. And this is going to sound so. I don't know. With someone that could be the girl's mom spanking some girl. That is the photos I have found on the net with like staged scenarios with 'mom and daughter' and over the knee. Yes, I know, it's what I HATE most, and it is what I feel drawn too.

      Po :  I had forgotten about the feelings you are having now because I had them two years ago.

      Elizabeth :  Well, I don't know why I feel like this. Sorry, but I have one more question about these videos you have. I feel strongest when the 'mother' is clearly older than the 'girl'. It is a bit like when I get it. Do you have a clip like that?

      Po :  Yes let me look.

      Elizabeth :  Oh. I'm just so. I have found some AMAZING pictures on the Net, and it is almost like it was mom who spanked them. I can show you the photo of the 'lady' if you like.

      Po :  Sure please

      Elizabeth :  It's her! Do you recognize her?

      Po :  That's the same one in the video I am sending you. Ms Burns is her character.

      Elizabeth :  Oh. my pulse just went up to 200.

      Po :  She reminds you of your mother?

      Elizabeth :  I feel well, feel. I don't know. Warm, I guess.

      Po :  Remind you of panties down spankings with the hairbrush?

      Elizabeth :  Oh, well yes. The waiting before.  It's really so HORRIBLE so I don't know how I can feel like this. Well, she DOES remind me of mom. Well, she doesn't really look like mom. Well a bit perhaps, but not really. But I FEEL like I am in the picture when she is in it.

      Elizabeth :  I will tell you about my spankings if you like. but I though I might have done it yesterday. So I might repeat myself to you.

      Po :  That's OK you did tell me I'm sorry I am just a spanking story sponge LOL

      Po :  What I meant was maybe kind of a start to finish account -- so I can kind of live it with you.

      Elizabeth :  Well, did you want to ask me about my spankings, or do you want me to tell you what happened when mom (or dad until I was 11 or 12) spanked me?

      Po :  How old are you now again?

      Elizabeth:  I'm 18 very soon, but right now I am 17.

      Po :  I would like to hear about a hard hairbrush spanking when you were 17 or 16 from the beginning to the end. What it is like for you? It's OK if you repeat.

      Elizabeth :  Yes, but first let me tell you about the 3 different spankings we got. The 'normal' one with hand and brush, the 'important' one with hand and very hard hairbrush and then the 3 that I got twice and my sister got once (but she might get that again. I don't know). So which do you want to hear about?

      Po :  I love witness stories

      Elizabeth :  So which did you want to hear about?

      Po :  I want to hear about all of them LOL.

      Po :  How old is your sister?

      Elizabeth :  Ha ha, well chose one first.

      Elizabeth :  She is 14.

      Po :  Have you watched her get the hairbrush at 14?

      Elizabeth :  I saw her spanked when she must have been 12 and I was 15 or possibly 16. Ok, I was going to tell you about one I remember VERY well, and I was about 14 I think. I had been out with friends all evening and we had been to Starbucks. At that time I had to be in at 7:30 , but if I would be late, I just had to call. I called and said that I missed the bus, so I would be late. The busses come at about every half hour in the evening, so I had an extra half hour with my friends. I just forgot about the time after that, and then mom called at about 8:30 wondering were I was. I said I had been standing at the bus stop since I had called her, but that there must be something wrong with the busses, because there hadn't been any. When I hung up, I ran out of Starbucks to run to the bus stop, and THEN dad drives into the parking lot of Starbucks. He had been driving, looking for me. I didn't know what to say, when he drove up to me, opened the door and hugged me. He said he had been so worried, but then he just looked at me in a way I have only seen twice in my life. He grabbed my arm and really threw me in the back of our SUV and drove home. He didn't say ONE word to me all way home.

      Po :  Did you think this will be a spanking?

      Elizabeth :  Well, I thought I would be KILLED. Well, not really, but I was so frightened. When we got home, dad dragged me in, and he told me to wait in the kitchen, and he didn't even let me talk to mom first.

      Po :  What were you wearing?

      Elizabeth :  I can't remember. I used to wear jeans and a blouse when I was seeing friends, so I think I was. Yes, because I remember not having any skirt or dress on at the time. Anyway, I sat down at the dinner table, and I don't think my heart has EVER banged so quickly. I was sweating of fear and shame. When the drape (it's not a door between the kitchen and the hall) opened my heart stopped! It really did, and mom usually had this special look when I was going to get a spanking, but this time her eyes were. like black. I can't really describe it. She went up to me and grabbed my left ear like she never done before and it felt like she was twisting it off, and pulled me to the small TV room we have downstairs. On the way there I even met Laura in the corridor and she just went out of mom's way. When we came to the small TV room she left me there, and told me to 'prepare myself' and that she would be back. Now this was the usual routine, told off, going to the TV room, prepare and then wait, but this time it was different. I pulled away the sofa table as usual, and put one of the wooden chairs in the middle of the room and the 'prepared' myself, as I always had to do.

      Po :  What does "Prepare yourself" mean?  Did you know what it meant?

      Elizabeth : That was to undress from waist down, but I could keep my socks on, if I were wearing any. I took my (I think it was jeans) off and my knickers and stood and waited for mom. She usually came about 20 min to half an hour later, but this time I waited for OVER an HOUR. It was over 10 o'clock before she came in. She had calmed down, and walked slowly up to me, and for only the second time in my life (as I can remember) she gave me a slap over my face that almost made me lose my balance, and then she told me off like never before. It usually went on for 5 or 6 minutes, but she told me off for over 15 minutes, and I was standing there and she lectured me, but not with the brush.

      Po : When you were standing nude below your waist did you try to cover anything?

      No, I am not supposed to 'cover up' just stand there with my hands at the side. After that was over she just snapped at her lap, meaning I had to go over, and I did. I remember she rested her hand on my bottom for what felt like a long time, but probably just a minute or so. She started as she always did when she spanked with hand.

      Po :  OK can we go back a moment?

      Elizabeth :  .sure.

      Po :  What do you think when you stand there with your hands at your side front and back totally exposed? Really embarrassing?

      Elizabeth :  Yes, but to me it was all the emotion of what would happen. I had been spanked all my life, but I had NEVER seen mom so resolute to 'do it properly' as this time. So I was frightened like never before.

      Po :  So you were used to having your pants down for lectures? Even today?

      Elizabeth :  Well, I haven't been spanked since last year, but yes. I have always been spanked on the bare. My knickers were not down, they were off. I was ever only allowed to wear a T-shirt or blouse and socks. Nothing else.

      Po :  Oh OK so you take your lectures completely bare from the waist down and no covering up.

      Elizabeth :  Yes is that so unusual?

      Po :  Well not all girls… a lot of times they don't have to take their panties down until they are ready for the spanking.

      Elizabeth :  Well we all have to. My sis, me and my brother.

      Po :  Have you seen your little sister standing with her panties off facing the hairbrush?

      Elizabeth :  Not facing the hairbrush, but getting a scolding from mom before she goes over the knee, yes! Mom doesn't bring the brush. She can reach it from the top drawer were she is sitting. I was over mom's knee, while she rested her hand on my bottom, before she started. Without saying a word, she just waited for ages (2 or 3 minutes perhaps, or possibly only one minute) and THEN she started. She always did the same with her hand: left-right-centre-left-right and so on. She does it from great height, so every smack feels really hard. At this stage she spanks almost as fast as Mrs. Burns in the video. I don't even know how long it was for, but it felt like my bottom was on fire and I really mean that. I don't know for how long she did it, but it must have been AT LEAST double the time she usually used the hand. I was still laying still, I remember that, but then she suddenly stopped. At THAT time was the first I ever know if she was going to use the brush. If she said, 'stand up' then no, but if she didn't say anything, I just waited for her to open the drawer and take out the brush and SHE DID! She started as she always did with the brush. Left-right-left but slower than hand spanking. By that time my bottom was so sore that a caress would have been painful. She did it with the hairbrush FOREVER and then she stopped and did what I dread most. Even more than the birch. She chose one specific spot on the bottom, usually just inside the left buttock, slightly lower down and then put the brush in an angle so I get the tip, and the she spanks on that spot quickly like in the films. But just on that spot and THEN it feels like the brush is made out of glowing iron

      Po :  Oh no I never heard of that. Up inside your cheeks?

      Elizabeth :  She then found another little spot on the bottom, and did the same thing. On this occasion, I remember she did it in 3 spots, and I thought I would DIE!

      Po :  How did you react to the normal hairbrush and then to the tip part?

      Elizabeth :  The Tip part… well let me put it this way. Whatever my future children do, I will NEVER do the tip thing to them. EVER! And when she had done those 3 `tip' things she used the brush for 5 more 'normal hard' whacks. I usually never remember how many whacks I get (it feels like one long whack) but I remember those 5 last. They were so horrible; I don't know what to say. I couldn't take them without kicking wildly, and perhaps that's why she did the last 5.

      Po :  Oh I see so you were doing the wide-open kick

      Elizabeth:  I cried like a baby, and when I had stopped some of my crying, mom told me to stand up, but I couldn't stand up straight, I was like 'crooked' standing up with by bottom so unbelievable sore. She left the room and left me to think about it all.

      Po :  Wow what a spanking!

      Elizabeth :  She returned about 11 o'clock I think it was, but she didn't even hug me as she used to, just followed me to the bathroom, stood there while I brushed my teeth and washed and then put me to bed without a kiss.

      Po : Awwwww… What did your bottom look like?

      Elizabeth :  When I looked at it in my bedroom, it was (and you won't believe this) but it was WHITE in places, and they turned into black marks the following morning… especially at the 'tip' spanking spots.

      Po :  Wow… actually I know what you are talking about the white on top of the red.

      Elizabeth :  I better go to bed now. It's really late. Speak to you again (if you DARE.).

      Po :  Of course I always want to talk to you. OK I'll let you go thanks so much for the story. That was a real hard spanking for sure.

      Elizabeth :  Yes and boy did I hate that. See you. We'll talk again.


      [FROM EMAIL]


      My first birching.

      And I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 11 years old, but most of my friends were12 and it was in April. We still lived in Peterborough and I came home from school as usual. I can't remember if it was a Tuesday or a Wednesday, but it was in the middle of the week, I do remember that. Some of the 'cool' gang (a group with rich parents in my class) had started to experiment with smoking. I was not in there 'gang' but I would have done almost anything to be in it, even smoking if they would have demanded it. It was probably quite clear that I wanted to be in the group, even if I wasn't rich or a 'looker' as they said.


      It was after school and I went home together with my best friend who lived two streets away from me, so we usually went home together. When we had come at the end of the school yard, I saw the 'cool' gang standing behind the PE sheds, but I couldn't see what they were doing. I stopped but Meenah wanted to continue home. She never had ANY interest in be a part of the 'cool' gang. I have no idea why. Anyway, I stopped and the tallest of them (her name was Angie, Angelica or something similar. I can't remember) called for me:  'Beth, come over here.' She called for ME. ME, the ugly bookworm. ME! I am so ashamed about this, but I totally forgot that Meenah was with me, and I just went to the PE sheds. Although it was outside, I could clearly smell the tobacco smell in the air, and expected them to ask me to have a `blow.'


      When I got to the shed's, Angelica/Angie/Annie asked me if I wanted to go with them to the Mall on the following Saturday. ME, with the cool gang, at the Mall, on Saturday. It was like winning the Jackpot. Of course I said yes, but probably not as 'cool' as I should have done. I was just so happy. Then she said:  'But first you have to prove that you are worthy!'  Well, I should have understood it was some catch to it. 'We want you to take care of this for the rest of the week, and give it to me every morning' while she handed over a packet of 'Lucky Strike' cigarettes. It was opened, and perhaps 2 or 3 cigarettes had been used. I just stood there, looking at the cigarettes, but quite happy that they didn't want me to smoke one. I would have puked like an elephant (I still can't stand cigarettes.). I looked at them, and said '.ok, then' and put the cigarettes in my bag. 'You can go now' Angelica said, and like a little dog I just accepted her superior order, and went. I was still in seventh heaven, thinking about Saturday. I did decide to hide the cigarettes behind the garage before I went home, and then pick them up before school in the morning. I had it all worked out, while almost dreaming while I was walking, thinking about being a 'cool' girl for the first time in my life.


      When I got home, I put the bag down by the door and my coat on the hook as usual, and went up to my room. I had been in a 'dream world' all way home, and of course totally forgot about the cigarettes. We always had dinner at 5 (mom, my sister, brother and me) while dad had his when he came home at about 7. It was well before 5 (about 4:30 or so) and mom called me from downstairs. It wasn't very unusual, because she sometimes wanted me to set the table, or help her dish up the dinner. I ran down the stairs, and I should have noticed that my bag wasn't in the hallway anymore, but I didn't. I came into the kitchen, and mom stood there with the bag in her hand, opened and the cigarettes in the other. I didn't know what to say. I could have said that they weren't mine, but I didn't say anything. It all went through my mind, the 'gang', Saturday, The Mall, The cigarettes. And mom said:  'WHAT is this?' I still didn't know what to say, but I said:  'It's not mine.' Mom didn't say anything more, just kept looking at me with an absolutely stony face. I just felt that now I will be sent to prepare for a spanking, but mom just told me to stay and wait '.RIGHT THERE!' I could hear her going outside, but I had no idea what would happen, although I was SURE I would get spanked. Mom returned just a few minutes later with our neighbor, but I can't remember her name. She was about the same age as mom but didn't have any children, and they went to a fitness class together on Thursdays. (It's strange what odd things you remember sometimes, isn't it?). Mom had asked her to dish up the food for my sister and brother and eat with them while we (mom and I) went out. By this time I was REALLY confused! Why out? Anyway, mom told me to get my coat and grabbed my arm and led me to the car. We both went in the car and mom started to drive. She was absolutely quiet, but I must have asked 3 or 4 times: 'Where are we going, mom?' The last time I asked, she just said:  'BE QUIET!' so I stayed quiet.


      We drove into the parking lot of ASDA (Wal-Mart I think it is called in the USA ) and I was even more confused at that point. She parked not as close to the doors, as there was a space, but as far as you could get away from the store. The parking lot was surrounded by a narrow bit of grass with birch trees planted sporadically. Mom stopped the engine, undid her belt, grabbed my arm and said in a low but clear voice (while looking at me with piercing eyes): 'I want you to go out there and pick 4 fresh branches from the trees, as long as your arm, and pull the leaves off. But keep every little stick on them!' .If you ever experienced your blood freezing to ice, well THIS was one of those moments. I was terrified, but did what mom told me. I went out, and it was harder to reach than I thought, but I got hold of one branch a bit longer than my arm, and pulled the leaves off it. The second, 3rd and 4th I chose a thinner branch (I didn't want to make this any more worse that it already was) and went back to the car were mom still was sitting. I handed her the birch, and she immediately threw the 3 thinner branches on the ground, and said:  This will do, they won't. Get 3 more PROPER ones. NOW I started to cry. That was just too much. I did go back, and found 3 branches much thicker than the first, because I would NOT set myself in that situation again. I went back to the car, handed her the 3 branches that she put together with the first, and told me to get back into the car. When I had put the belt on, she handed me the 4 branches and said:  'You hold this until we get home!' and I did. 


      ASDA was just about 10 minutes drive from our house, but it felt like an hour. To sit there and hold a birch (for the first time.) just imagining how it would feel to have 'dancing' on my bottom, was just too much to take. By now I cried openly and sobbing, more frightened that I ever had been before. Mom didn't say ONE word all the way home. When we got to our house and stepped out of the car, mom went in first and met our neighbor in the hallway. Mom asked if she mined to take my sister and brother to her house, because she and me were going to have a 'discussion', so they went. Now it was just mom and me in the house, and we took our coats off and hanged them on the hooks in the hall. I was still standing there with the 4 branches in my hand, when mom came and grabbed my ear. She really twisted it, and said that we would soon see what 'Mr. Birch' had to say to me.


      Mom dragged me to the Lounge and told me to undress. By now I almost didn't have any tears left. While in the car, I had hoped that mom would let me keep my knickers on, because those small sticks would really whip I thought. Not a bad guess, since I never experienced the Birch before. I slowly undressed as if to make it feel better, but it didn't. I had changed out of my school uniform when I arrived home, so I was wearing Jeans and a sweater. Mom told me to keep my socks on (I remember they were a yellow pair. strange whet you remember, isn't it?) so I wouldn't catch a COLD! That still confuses the mind. She is preparing to give me a spanking/birching of my life; on my bare bottom.and she is worried I might catch a COLD?!?


      Well standing there in just my socks, mom told me to push the sofa away from the wall. It was quite heavy, but she didn't help me. I pulled the sofa so that it was diagonally with the room, and there was a big space behind it. Now was the first time mom talked to me properly, me standing there in my socks. 'I have not done this to any of you before and to tell you the truth; I didn't think I would ever HAVE to. But you proved me wrong. I will NEVER let you destroy your life by smoking. It's a habit that is so hard to break that most people will fail, and you will NOT START.' This was when I got my composure back and wanted to tell her it wasn't my cigarettes, and that I never smoked, so I said:  '.but mom, I wasn't.' and I didn't get further, before mom gave me a slap over my face hat almost made me loose my balance (one of only two times she has EVER slapped my face), and said:  'I don't want to hear any excuses, or explanations or anything from you now except tears.' That was SO hard to hear that I started to cry again. She told me to give her the birch that I had put on the side table, so I did, and she told me to go over the back of the settee (sofa). She pushed me up so far, that my feet just lost contact with the floor, and said:  'I hate to have to do this, but I will do it… and properly! If you get out of position or try to protect your bottom, I will start again!' That was on my mind for a long time, but mom told me later that she would not have 'started over'. It was just a way to get me to take it as well as I could. I heard her pulling her blouse arm up, and then I could feel when she slowly pulled the birch up and down my bottom 3 or 4 times, before pulling it back and.swish/swap! On the bottom. It's hard to explain how it feels to have 4 fresh switches hitting your bottom at the same time, but first you feel ALL 4 stems, and then all the small sticks make there own crack, so it hurt ALL OVER THE BOTTOM at the same time. I just gave off this howl and scream, and then swish/swap! .swish/swap! .swish/swap! .swish/swap!  I screamed like a kitten being drowned.or something. That birch going over and over again on my poor bottom. Anyone that never experienced it could EVER understand what it feels like. It hurts and stings and burns at the same time, all over the bottom. swish/swap! .swish/swap. swish/swap.  I have had my appendix out because it got infected, and that hurt in the whole body, but this was WAY worse. 


      It felt like it would NEVER end, but I remember I was kicking wildly in the air, but I don't think I was protecting my bottom with my hand though and I am quite proud of that.still! It was really HELL bending over that sofa  swish/swap.  swish/swap. swish/swap! I have no idea how many I got, or for how long it went on, but suddenly she stopped (and I can still remember this very well) when my crying slowed down, I could hear that mom had a heavy breath, like she had been running. She had been beating the s**t out of me, if I may say so. She just stood there with the birch, and I was still bending over the sofa, crying when she told me to stand up. She had to repeat that, because it felt like I had to use all my strength just to stand up. Then I saw it. The floor was covered with small sticks from the birch, and I was even standing on some, and mom stood there with what used to be along fresh birch. Now it was just about half its length and almost 'naked' if you excuse the pun! We just stood there for some time, perhaps a minute or so. I was still crying, when mom handed me the birch, telling me to put it in the bin. I then went to my room, and then to the loo (bathroom) this was only one of the two times that mom broken my skin. The second time was also the birch. My bottom was not only dark-dark red, but covered in small white streaks and small black spots. And small pimps of blood were the birch had broken the skin. I felt so small, you can't believe. When I went to my room (and this is the only time it happened) mom came to my room with a small towel and a dish with soapy water, and cleaned my bottom. Still sore like nothing else, and then she put some Nivea cream on. I didn't sleep ONE minute that night. .so, now you know! Why I will NEVER, EVER use the birch on my children, if I ever have any!!!           



      Elizabeth :  Oh, I HATE spankings alright. So why do I feel like this about them? I know, I should not analyzing myself, but it's hard not to, when you find out something about yourself that you HATE. But in the same time sort of like?!?

      Po :  Elizabeth you are going through the same thing I did at first

      Elizabeth :  Well I've never seen myself getting a spanking. But I don't actually think I could watch it, because I would FEEL it again. I think. I've told you about my first Birching, and about one of the harder brushings. I don't know if you are interested in hearing about a 'normal' spanking with hand and brush. It is almost the same as the hard one. Just less hard (I REFUSE to call it 'soft'. I have NEVER been given a 'soft' spanking.)

      Po :  I would like to hear about it if you have time. You are such a good friend. Sorry for not being able to do more for you than tell you about my childhood.

      Po :  It's OK I like your spanking stories. I know they are awful for you

      Elizabeth :  Well, I wish they WERE stories. I would have been a very different girl if they had been. I am sure. You are so NICE. On a scale from one to ten, you would get 84

      Po :  Awwwwww. 

      Elizabeth :  First, you asked how the Videos related to my experiences. Well, the one that you desperately trying to find (Ms Burns and her daughter-on-the-bed-getting-brushed) is actually the closest. You see, when we still lived in Peterborough , we were spanked in moms and dads bedroom, over the bed. When we moved to London , it was always the small TV room. Mom's hand spankings are very similar to Ms Burns. Quick and resolute, but mom used the brush very differently. It's like one whack on each half, every second or so. But when she did the 'top' of the brush she did it as quick as Ms Burns, and in the same place on the bottom, perhaps up to 10 whacks. Oh, I can FEEL it again right now. I get goose skin just thinking about it.

      Po :  When you say the top of the brush she deliberately spanked you with the edge of the brush? Not the flat back on your bare skin?

      Elizabeth :  Yes, it's a bit hard to explain without you seeing the brush. It is a wooden clothes brush. It is longer than a hairbrush and heavier, and it is oval so to speak, and mom used to give the brush an 'angle' when she did that 'tip' spanking, so that all the energy concentrated to the tip onto my bottom. Well, she did it on my bare, yes. I don't know how to explain it better.

      Po :  It's a long skinny brush?  A clothes brush and she put all of the effort into the very tip up under your cheeks?

      Elizabeth :  Oh you seem surprised. Well, it was SOME surprise for ME the first time she did it to me

      Po :  So she didn't turn the brush sideways and hit you with the edge? I thought that's what you meant originally.

      Elizabeth :  No, first I got it with the brush the 'usual' way, left-right-left and so on, before she started with the 'tip' on my bottom. You have NO idea how much that 'tip' hurts.

      Po :  Where was it exactly? Up under your cheeks I think you said?

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