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2719RE: Convenient method to reload dataset

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  • Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)
    Sep 21, 2009
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      I have a button called “Refresh” in my Quick Macro Panel. The button runs a macro that does basically what you are asking, except it does not refresh the data until the user selects the button. To do this however, you cannot have memory mapped IO nor can you have any dependency to the file, so you cannot use load on demand either. If you are willing to part with these two functions, then you can run a macro like my refresh.


      Note that the reason for lack of memory mapped IO is that the file is expected to change. Changing the file changes the mapping which can cause an application like Tecplot to crash. Instead, the OS prevents the user from modifying the file. The load on demand is similar in function. However, removing the load on demand function could cause Tecplot loading and reloading to take some time because the entire file has to be loaded.


      If you are willing to put up with both of these, then you can try:



        Name = "Refresh"

        ShowInMacroPanel = True


        $!OpenLayout "refresh.lay"




      To use this, simply save your plot in a layout file called refresh.lay. Then, pull up the QMP and select “Refresh” to update the plot.


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      I'm using Tecplot 360-2006 and -2008. In any version as well as older versions it was very inconvenient to reload a data set.


      Currently, I have to chose the pulldown menu


        Load Data Files ...

          Tecplot Data Loader


               Replace Data set and retain style

                  Chose file



      Is it possible to create a button for this like in the Office products?


      A very convenient method would it be, if Tecplot could reload the file automatically, if the time stamp has changed.





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