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2703RE: [Tecplot_Talk] Get maximum value of a single zone

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  • Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)
    Sep 9, 2008

      You will have to use a macro to assign auxiliary data to each zone to contain the information you want to display. An example would be:


      #!MC 1100

      # This macro assigns the min and max of each zone for each variable to an auxiliary data entry.

      $!Loop |NumZones|


        $!VarSet |SourceZone| = |loop|

        $!ActiveFieldMaps = [|SourceZone|]


        $!Loop |NumVars|


          $!GlobalContour [C1]

            Var = |loop|


            AuxDataLocation = Var

            Zone = |SourceZone|

            Name = “VarMin|loop|”

            ValueString = “|MinC|”


            AuxDataLocation = Var

            Zone = |SourceZone|

            Name = “VarMax|loop|”

            ValueString = “|MaxC|”






      In this macro, using the “ActiveFieldMaps” causes only one zone to be active. In the past, Tecplot’s |MinC| and |MaxC| in the macro language would return the minimum of the contour variable for the active zones. With only one active zone, this should be the values you want for each variable of each zone as the macro cycles through the variables. After running the macro, you can then use the dynamic text command &(AuxZone[10]:VarMin3) to get the minimum of variable 3 in zone 10.


      Good luck.




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      Subject: [Tecplot_Talk] Get maximum value of a single zone




      I want to output the maximum value of a zone in a text field



      the oveall maximum of all zones will be outputted.

      Does anyone knows, how to catch the maximum only for a given zone?


      Thanks and regards



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