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2691Re: [Tecplot_Talk] AVI on OSX 10.5

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  • Darren De Zeeuw
    Jun 13, 2008
      Re: [Tecplot_Talk] AVI on OSX 10.5 I’m one of those command line geeks, so what I often do is use bash scripts I write that use one of the components in the ImageMagick package to to things like crop/rotate/scale/add text/add graphics/etc on all the image files in a directory.  For example, text quality in tecplot is not good, so if I have a title that will be on every frame, I’ll create an image in Photoshop that has the text I want and use ImageMagick to overlay the text graphic to the corner of every frame.  I’ll run this script before importing the images to Quicktime.  I then use Quicktime to import large numbers of images, sometimes creating movies that are 100s of MB large.  Then if I want to do something really fancy, I’ll do further edits in a program like Final Cut or Motion.


      On 6/13/08 10:45 AM, "Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)" <Stephen.J.Alter@...> wrote:


      Run scripts on the frames? I’m no expert with images, so what do you mean?

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      I have all the latest updates to Quicktime and all other system components.  I honestly don’t really use the AVI format in tecplot.  I needed to view one created by a colleague.  I almost always export png images and use Quicktime Pro to assemble the movies so that I can control frame rate, paste together multiple movies, run scripts on the frames before importing to Quicktime to add text & graphics, etc.


      On 6/13/08 10:30 AM, "Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)" <Stephen.J.Alter@...> wrote:


         I have had some issues with this too on a PC. Have you updated QuickTime lately? Sometimes that helps. There are also free codec’s available on the web for download that can help. BTW, do you like the quality of the AVI from Tec360?

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      Subject: [Tecplot_Talk] AVI on OSX 10.5

      Is anyone else having problems playing the AVI movies created by Tecplot360
      on a Mac running Leopard (10.5)? I used to be able to play them in
      Quicktime, but now is says that it does not have the appropriate codec to
      play it. I had a colleague send me a movie that he made with Tecplot10 on
      his Mac (running 10.3) that plays on his but not on mine. I also can't
      create movies on my machine that work either.

      Thanks, Darren.



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