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2675RE: [Tecplot_Talk] extract a sub-zone from a 2D plane

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  • Chris Idso
    Apr 24, 2008
      You should not need to create a smaller zone and interpolate onto it.  Instead, you may be able to extract your subzone by going to Data/Extract/Subzone.  You would need to use the I parameter to determine the radial limit of your subzone (the I value that is closest to 0.55m), but the resulting subzone would not need to have any interpolation done on it. 
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      Subject: [Tecplot_Talk] extract a sub-zone from a 2D plane


      I have data on circular 2D plane that has a radius of 0.8m. I would
      like to perform the statistics for my data only till radius 0.55m. So, I
      was thinking to extract a circular sub-zone from the main one, but I
      didn't manage to do it. I checked the option "create circular zone"
      but this is not what I want since one has to specify first the number
      of grid cells, and perform interpolation to compute the data from the
      main zone. I want to extract the original data without doing any

      is there any other way to do that?

      Thanks in advance.


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