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2667RE: [Tecplot_Talk] 3D particles

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  • Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)
    Apr 18, 2008
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         You can input the coordinates of the particles using a streamtrace, and plot their path with a line, or an object such as a sphere. Animating streamtraces then provides the movement over time. The zoom and panning is only accomplished with animation using a macro. It’s fairly straight forward, but takes some time to determine the offsets to use. Of note are the macro commands to use:




      $!View Translate

      $!View Zoom

      $!View SetMagnification


      Combining these with $Export commands enables output to a file. Using this list enable rotation, translation, and zoom. You will also need to set up the timing of your particles with the $!StreamTraceAttributes, and modify the TimeAnchor for each successive time step. There used to be a way to determine the actual limit of time to step through, but I can’t seem to remember what it is; it’s been a long time since I’ve done this.


      Also note that if you have particles of mass, you can use the Analyzer of Tecplot to plot their trajectory with drag and quasi-mass loss. The quasi part is due to the flow not reacting to the addition of the mass, from the mass of the particle being reduced.


      Good luck.


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      Hi all,

      I have (x,y,z) locations of particles in a domain and CFD results for
      the same domain.

      I'd like to plot particles as dots in a 3D plot in Tecplot 360. I'd also
      like to be able to zoom, pan, animate the particles.

      I used the "GEOMETRY" clause attached to zones of the CFD results for a
      2D case, but this does not work for 3D.

      Thank you for your help,


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