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2659RE: [Tecplot_Talk] Limit on number of points for Tec360 on Mac OS 10.4?

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  • Alter, Stephen J. (LARC-D305)
    Feb 4, 2008



         There are some limits that you can extend within the configuration commands. The user’s manual says you can have over 2 billion points in a variable. It may be the number of zones you hit on the limit. From the reference manual, you can use the $!Limits command to increase a couple different types of limits. It may also be a 32-bit vs. 64-bit issue. It’s hard to tell without more information.


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      Dear All,

      This seems like a stupid question, but I can’t get Tec360 to read more than 1023 points in POINT format on my Mac running OS 10.4. If I put in I=1023, it will read the file, but if I put in I=1024, Tecolot just shuts down. Is there some soft limit I’m hitting that I can change? The hard limits appear to be much larger than that, as I’d have thought they would be.


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