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2656RE: [Tecplot_Talk] Re: Problem with Tecplot and Unsteady CGNS

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  • Vaz, Guilherme
    Jan 29, 2008
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      I am doing the CGNS file by the book ( I think)! At least according to the CGNS manual and according to an example that I got from somebody else that does work with Tecplot.

      I can send you a very small CGNS file, where the links to other files are not 100% correct, or the complete set if want. I am using Tecplot360, and I am not sure if this matter, I use a lot of links to other files in order to save memory.

      I send you some “PrintScreens”…


      What am I doing wrong????


      Thanks again.




      Ps: I tried Windows, Linux, different cgns libraries to create the CGNS file (2.3, 2.4)…







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      > Hello all,
      > I have a problem to load an unsteady CGNS file in Tecplot.
      > I did the file according to the instructions of
      CGNS_MidLevel_ Library
      > but Tecplot does not recognize that is an Unsteady computation file
      > therefore it reads all zones instead of the first. And afterwards I
      > cannot animate zones nor animate by time (as it supposed to be).
      > This is important since I work with huge data and therefore I cannot
      > load all zones at the same time otherwise Tecplot+pc crashes with
      > of memory.
      > Does somebody have a clue? Can somebody help me?
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Guilherme
      > Ps: I have some files as examples but they are large and it is not
      > supposed to send attachment in Mailing Lists.
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      > Dr. Ir. Guilherme N.V.B.Vaz
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      Hi Guilherme,

      I posted a quick description of what's needed to load unsteady CGNS
      files into Tecplot on our new TecplotTalk forum at
      www.tecplottalk. com/viewtopic. php?p=822# 822. Here is what I posted:

      Tecplot's CGNS loader supports unsteady CGNS files with the
      BaseIterativeData_ t node defined for a CGNSBase_t node and,
      optionally, the ZoneIterativeData_ t node for any Zone_t nodes.
      The BaseIterativeData_ t node needs to contain the number of time
      steps and either the time values or iteration values.
      The ZoneIterativeData_ t node can contain FlowSolutionPointer s,
      GridCoordinatesPoin ters, ArbitraryGridMotion Pointers or
      RigidGridMotionPoin ters.

      If your files have satisfied these criteria, could you give a
      description of what else you may be storing in the
      BaseIterativeData_ t and ZoneIterativeData_ t nodes?

      ____________ _____
      Jay Noble
      Tecplot Development

      Tecplot, Inc.
      Enjoy the View!
      www.tecplot. com

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