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2654Problem with Tecplot and Unsteady CGNS

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  • Vaz, Guilherme
    Jan 29, 2008
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      Hello all,


      I have a problem to load an unsteady CGNS file in Tecplot.

      I did the file according to the instructions of CGNS_MidLevel_Library but Tecplot does not recognize that is an Unsteady computation file and therefore it reads all zones instead of the first. And afterwards I cannot animate zones nor animate by time (as it supposed to be).

      This is important since I work with huge data and therefore I cannot load all zones at the same time otherwise Tecplot+pc crashes with lack of memory.


      Does somebody have a clue? Can somebody help me?  


      Thanks in advance.




      Ps: I have some files as examples but they are large and it is not maybe supposed to send attachment in Mailing Lists.



      Dr. Ir. Guilherme N.V.B.Vaz

      CFD Researcher

      R&D Department


      P.O. Box 28
      6700 AA Wageningen

      Phone: 0031 317 493 325

      Fax:     0031 317 493 245



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