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2265Platform and Tecplot Usage surveys

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  • Jim Carson
    May 23, 2006
      JP reported that Tecplot 360 worked on the Novell SUSE 10 platform
      without a hitch... which makes for a good segue ...

      I noticed very few of our beta testers were using traditional UNIX
      machines (HP/UX, Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX). I want to start
      phasing out support for these platforms in late 2007 so that we can
      direct our energies towards improved support of Linux, Mac and
      Windows. However, before plans are firmed up, I want to understand
      how this will affect folks. I've put together a short platform survey:


      Additionally, I have another survey on general Tecplot usage.


      If you have time for either/both surveys, I'd appreciate your input.

      Jim Carson
      Technical Product Manager
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