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  • shaun60
    Dow 10502 Upindicator is 53 D2 index 1.27 maintain the buy mode on 2010626 with Dow close at 10472 Daily cycle WI is 1.189 longer cycle high
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2001
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      Dow 10502 Upindicator is 53<br><br>D2 index 1.27
      maintain the buy mode on 2010626 with Dow close at
      10472<br> <br>Daily cycle WI is 1.189<br> longer cycle high
      11313 intersect 10815 projecting 10317<br> shorter
      cycle high 10690 intersect 10566 projecting
      10442<br><br>Weekly cycle WI is 0.947<br> longer cycle confirm the
      previous high 5 weeks ago is major top.<br> shorter cycle
      high 11167 intersect 10673 projecting 10179.<br>one
      week pivot may limit any big price drop<br><br>Volume
      analysis:<br>On Balance Volume: neutral<br>Vtick:
      neutral<br>Cumulative: negative<br>Cash Flow: negative<br><br>Price is
      within cycle bottom in term of time and near the upper
      end of range in term of magnitude. Indicators overall
      are neutral to negative bias.<br>Expect price to be
      neutral to negative or price bias to the
      downside.<br><br>Fundamental:<br>Short term interest rate decline along with the
      increase in M1 above inflation rate reflecting the "push"
      of the Fed. The reaction to this "push" is long term
      interest rate is higher along with the expectation of
      inflation a little higher. The spread between corporate and
      treasury is near its extremes for both short and long
      term. This is an indication that corporations are not
      borrowing. A sign of contradiction (Pushing on a string?, if
      so it is EXTREMELY NEGATIVE).
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