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REVIEW: "Viral Times", Ron Seybold

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  • Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Han
    BKVRLTMS.RVW 20130107 Viral Times , Ron Seybold, 2011, 978-0-9850067-0-9, U$12.99 %A Ron Seybold ron@workshopwriter.com %C 11702 Buckingham Road,
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      BKVRLTMS.RVW 20130107

      "Viral Times", Ron Seybold, 2011, 978-0-9850067-0-9, U$12.99
      %A Ron Seybold ron@...
      %C 11702 Buckingham Road, Austin, TX, USA 78759
      %D 2011
      %G 978-0-9850067-0-9 0-9850067-0-6
      %I Workshop Writer Press
      %O U$12.99 workshopwriter.com 512-331-0075 ron@...
      %O http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0985006706/robsladesinterne
      %O http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/0985006706/robsladesin03-20
      %O Audience n- Tech 1 Writing 2 (see revfaq.htm for explanation)
      %P 270 p.
      %T "Viral Times"

      This book is a novel. The basic plot is that AIDS Ultra (a new-and-
      improved form of AIDS) and HIVE-5 (a disease that sounds way too much
      like "High five!" for anyone to take seriously) have made unprotected
      sex just too dangerous. Instead of waiting for the inevitable to
      happen and the population to reduce to those few who *do* take their
      marriage vows seriously, someone invents SimSuits and SexNet. (Of

      Jenny Nation (whose name sounds too much like temperance leader Carrie
      Nation for anyone to take seriously) invents a computer virus to
      infect the SexNet. But it's also supposed to infect (and kill) the
      people who use SexNet. So, one would assume, we have the standard
      canard of the computer virus that infects people (made so famous by
      the Weekly World News).

      However, this book gets into this (review) series by actually
      addressing this problem! The SimSuits are, of course, supposed to be
      full sensation virtual reality interfaces to the SexNet. Instead of
      assuming electrical or electro-mechanical interfaces, Seybold
      postulates a kind of yeast-based pseudo-organism as the interface.
      Therefore, the computer virus can force the organic interface to
      create disease agents.

      (The reviewer must pause, at this point, to wonder how many people
      would find wrapping themselves into a slime-lined suit a preferable
      alternative to abstinence and/or dying, and to speculate on the
      incidence of normal yeast infections that such a setup would cause.
      But I digress.)

      The book also postulates that a) drug companies sell nothing but
      useless nostrums, b) modern medicine is a fraud, and c) that
      homeopathic, naturopathic, and other alternative treatments are the
      only effective solutions. If you have sympathy with that perspective
      you might like the book, because otherwise it is rather confusing with
      an unsatisfying ending (unless you also assume that the author is
      planning a sequel).

      copyright, Robert M. Slade 2013 BKVRLTMS.RVW 20130107

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