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REVIEW: "Identity Theft Manual: Practical Tips, Legal Hints, and Other Secrets Revealed", Jack Nuern

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    BKIDTHMA.RVW 20120831 Identity Theft Manual: Practical Tips, Legal Hints, and Other Secrets Revealed , Jack Nuern, 2012 %A Jack Nuern
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      BKIDTHMA.RVW 20120831

      "Identity Theft Manual: Practical Tips, Legal Hints, and Other Secrets
      Revealed", Jack Nuern, 2012
      %A Jack Nuern http://www.idtheftadvocates.com
      %C 4901 W. 136 St., Leawood, KS, USA 66224
      %D 2012
      %G ASIN: B0088IG92E
      %I Roadmap Productions
      %O fax 866-594-2771
      %O http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0088IG92E/robsladesinterne
      %O http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0088IG92E/robsladesin03-20
      %O Audience n- Tech 1 Writing 1 (see revfaq.htm for explanation)
      %P 128 p.
      %T "Identity Theft Manual: Practical Tips, Legal Hints, and Other
      Secrets Revealed"

      Despite the implications of the title, this is not a primer for
      performing identity theft, but a guide to preventing and recovering
      from it. The information, unfortunately, is fairly pedestrian, and
      most of it could be obtained from any magazine article on the topic.

      Chapter one is a (very) basic introduction to identity theft, with a
      rather odd emphasis on the use of medical information. Methods of
      identity theft are described in chapter two. Unfortunately, this is
      where the book starts to show signs of serious disorganization, and
      some of the material is more sensational than helpful. Chapter three
      lists some steps you can take to attempt to prevent identity theft.
      The suggestions are the usual standards of not giving out any
      information to anyone, and the book tacitly admits that protection is
      not assured.

      Chapter four gets to the real intent of the work: actions to take when
      your identity has been stolen and misused. There is a great deal of
      useful content at this point, limited by two factors. One is that
      everything discussed is restricted to institutions in the United
      States. The other is that there is almost no discussion of what the
      entities mentioned can do for you or what they can't or won't.

      As one could expect from a book written by a law firm, chapter five
      addresses the liability that the victim of identity theft faces. The
      answer, unsurprisingly, is "it depends," backed up with a few stories.
      (Pardon me: "case studies.")

      There are some appendices (called, predictably, "Exhibits"). Again,
      most of these will only be of use to those in the United States, and
      some, sections of related laws, will be of very little use to most.
      There is a victim complaint and affidavit form which would probably be
      very helpful to most identity theft victims, reminding them of
      information to be collected and presented to firms and authorities.

      The book is not particularly well written, and could certainly use
      some better structure and organization. However, within its limits,
      it can be of use to those who are in the situation, and who frequently
      have nowhere to turn. As the book notes, authorities are often
      unhelpful and take limited interest in identity theft cases. And, as
      the book also (frequently) notes, the book is cheaper than hiring a
      law firm.

      copyright, Robert M. Slade 2012 BKIDTHMA.RVW 20120831

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