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REVIEW: "YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts", Alan Lastufka/Michael W. Dean

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  • Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Han
    BKYOUTUB.RVW 20081220 YouTube: An Insider s Guide to Climbing the Charts , Alan Lastufka/Michael W. Dean, 2009, 978-0-596-52114-1, U$29.99/C$29.99 %A Alan
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      BKYOUTUB.RVW 20081220

      "YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts", Alan
      Lastufka/Michael W. Dean, 2009, 978-0-596-52114-1, U$29.99/C$29.99
      %A Alan Lastufka AlanLastufka@...
      %A Michael W. Dean www.viralvideowannabe.com
      %C 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472
      %D 2009
      %G 978-0-596-52114-1 0-596-52114-6
      %I O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
      %O U$29.99/C$29.99 800-998-9938 fax: 707-829-0104 nuts@...
      %O http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0596521146/robsladesinterne
      %O http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/0596521146/robsladesin03-20
      %O Audience n Tech 1 Writing 2 (see revfaq.htm for explanation)
      %P 281 p.
      %T "YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts"

      The preface is highly self-promotional on the part of the authors.
      Oddly, this is done in a way that isn't offensive. And, since the
      book is essentially about self-promotion, it's fairly appropriate.
      Unfortunately, information about the intent of, or audience for, the
      work is limited, other than the implication that this work is not for
      YouTube users, but for those creating the content.

      Chapter one is a brief history and description of YouTube, and
      mentions the importance of "viral" (essentially word of mouth)
      marketing in finding an audience for your video creations. Chapter
      two strongly emphasizes that the story line of your video is generally
      the most important aspect. Some suggestions are provided in regard to
      the basics of the story arc and directing. An awful lot of the
      material is in the form of "watch this clip and learn," which might be
      more helpful if there were more specifics about what *to* learn. Some
      limited suggestions for the purchase of cameras, microphones, and
      software are given in chapter three, as well as an introduction to a
      few functions of the Sony Vegas Movie Studio application. Along the
      way there are some notes on functions and features of the program, but
      most of the content is item specific, and so less useful than it might
      have been to novice filmmakers.

      Chapter four covers the process (and specific Web pages) for creating
      an account on YouTube, with some annotations. Posting videos to the
      site, and related features, are dealt with in chapter five. Chapter
      six reviews copyright. The initial content outlining the concept is
      misleading at best, and retails a number of common myths. However,
      the material specific to YouTube is detailed and useful. Rating,
      comments, and private videos are explained in chapter seven. Various
      functions for working with others are noted in chapter eight. Chapter
      nine describes a few ways to artificially manipulate the YouTube
      system and ratings. (A section on "ethical hacking" appears to be
      based on a misunderstanding of the term itself, and propagates a
      number of the usual fables.)

      Some activities for self-promotion on the wider Internet (mostly those
      falling under the social networking rubric) are discussed in chapter
      ten. Various ways of making money with short videos are noted in
      chapter eleven. Random thoughts on lifestyle and the Internet appear
      in chapter twelve. Chapter thirteen is similar to ten, covering more
      venues and activities. Miscellaneous opinions about the net and life
      are in chapter fourteen. Chapter fifteen has interviews with five
      major YouTubers.

      The preface makes a number of negative comments about other books
      written on the topic of YouTube. Given my experience with works
      covering popular Websites or applications, I can well believe that
      there are a number of texts that simply print pages of screenshots.
      This guide does move beyond that level to provide useful and practical
      tips. At the same time, the material is limited, and more detail
      would have been helpful in a number of areas. Better organization and
      structure could also have made the work more accessible and useful to
      the reader.

      On balance, I would have to say that this book is a decent
      introduction for those interested in getting into short video
      production, and making that content available through YouTube.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2008 BKYOUTUB.RVW 20081220

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