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[techbooks] REVIEW: "D&B/Gale Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications", Stac

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    BKIRHTLC.RVW 990205 D&B/Gale Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications , Stacy A. McConnell/Linda D. Hall, 1998, 0-7876-3005-5, U$99.00 %E Stacy A.
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      BKIRHTLC.RVW 990205

      "D&B/Gale Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications", Stacy A.
      McConnell/Linda D. Hall, 1998, 0-7876-3005-5, U$99.00
      %E Stacy A. McConnell
      %E Linda D. Hall
      %C 27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3535
      %D 1998
      %G 0-7876-3005-5
      %I The Gale Group
      %O U$99.00 800-877-4253 fax: 248-699-8061 Cheryl_McDonald@...
      %P 893 p.
      %S Industry Reference Handbooks
      %T "D&B/Gale Reference Handbooks: Telecommunications"

      Telecommunications, for the purposes of this reference, covers
      eighteen Standard Industry Classifications (SICs). (The newer North
      American Industry Classification System codes are not used due to
      business inertia, but a conversion table is provided.) This casts a
      somewhat wider net than some might suppose, including radio and
      television broadcasting and movie production. As one might assume
      from the classification system, the content is based on US activity,
      although international enterprises have a bearing both on technical
      and business aspects.

      Chapter one is a general overview, looking at history, a terse set of
      only four biographies of "pioneers," projections for various
      technologies, and a quick review of industry leading companies.
      Chapter two gives snapshot business statistics by industry category,
      while three presents financial norms and ratios. The largest section
      is chapter four, a company directory. The companies listed are then
      ranked by sales and then employment in chapter five. Chapter six
      looks at mergers and acquisitions, which are fast and furious in the
      telecom sector. The choice of associations, in chapter seven, is
      rather odd. While all of the companies listed earlier are American,
      the groups come from all over. In addition, there seems to be a very
      high proportion of outfits like the "Hogan's Heros Fan Club." The
      list of consultants seems to be limited to the US and Canada in
      chapter eight. Entitled "Trade Information Sources," chapter nine
      comprises periodicals of various types with some listing of
      associations, and even a few books. There is no distinction between
      these types, so entries must be read carefully for clues. Chapter ten
      lists trade shows, but not completely. As one example, of the Comdex
      "family" of shows, only Comdex/Egypt and Comdex/Rio are listed. An
      extensive index is followed by the SIC/NAICS-NAICS/SIC conversion

      While one can sympathize with the desire to keep this work within
      manageable limits, the exclusion of non-US companies is regrettable,
      especially considering the international nature of telecommunications
      today. Much of the material is based on self-reporting, and therefore
      you won't find any surprises within. At times there are obvious gaps,
      while in other places there are equally glaring duplications. Still,
      for those deeply involved in the business side of telecommunications
      this work has a great deal of value.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999 BKIRHTLC.RVW 990205

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