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REVIEW: "Sarbanes-Oxley for Dummies", Jill Gilbert Welytok

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  • Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Ha
    BKSOXDUM.RVW 20070125 Sarbanes-Oxley for Dummies , Jill Gilbert Welytok, 2006, 0-471-76846-4, U$21.99/C$25.99 %A Jill Gilbert Welytok
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      BKSOXDUM.RVW 20070125

      "Sarbanes-Oxley for Dummies", Jill Gilbert Welytok, 2006,
      0-471-76846-4, U$21.99/C$25.99
      %A Jill Gilbert Welytok jgilbert@... www.abtechlaw.com
      %C 5353 Dundas Street West, 4th Floor, Etobicoke, ON M9B 6H8
      %D 2006
      %G 0-471-76846-4
      %I John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
      %O U$21.99/C$25.99 416-236-4433 fax: 416-236-4448
      %O http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471768464/robsladesinterne
      %O http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471768464/robsladesin03-20
      %O Audience i- Tech 1 Writing 1 (see revfaq.htm for explanation)
      %P 364 p.
      %T "Sarbanes-Oxley for Dummies"

      The introduction states that this is an overview treatment of the
      Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) law and related regulations, avoiding in-depth
      discussions but providing enough background for the reader to
      understand key concepts, structure basic compliance, and predict major
      future trends in the directives.

      Part one gives a historical review of the rationale behind SOX.
      Chapter one looks at loopholes in reporting before SOX, the political
      climate behind the swift passage of SOX, and the basic requirements
      under SOX. The financial scandals that gave impetus to the law, and a
      review of the new restrictions from a slightly different perspective,
      are in chapter two. Various (United States) securities laws, and the
      specific SOX provisions, are listed in chapter three. Chapter four
      gives a very brief outline of financial statements (without really
      explaining how SOX will assist with reporting).

      Part two addresses compliance with the new standards. Chapter five
      notes that the accounting profession now has specific criteria to meet
      in regard to auditing, rather than the previous self-regulation. The
      Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) is described in
      chapter six. Rules for audit committees are listed in chapter seven.
      Chapter eight notes regulations for ensuring the independence of
      boards of directors. Specific edicts for chief executive and
      financial officers are noted in chapter nine. Chapter ten mentions
      other new dictates for corporate management.

      Particulars of audits according to section 404 are outlined in part
      three. Chapter eleven looks at the meaning of "internal controls."
      Roles and responsibilities for components of an audit are covered in
      chapter twelve. Specific problems and items that will assist in the
      audit process are in chapter thirteen.

      Part four notes software tools, supposedly to help you either with
      security program planning or compliance with SOX. Chapter fourteen
      lists types of software and the tasks that can be assisted by
      software. The tasks are not correlated with the types of software,
      and there are actually only a couple of programs mentioned. Preparing
      to use one specific program is described in chapter fifteen.

      Part five looks to the future. Chapter sixteen looks at some of the
      court cases in areas related to SOX. Chapter seventeen notes the
      extension of SOX to activities that might be considered to be outside
      its jurisdiction (including foreign companies).

      Part six is the obligatory "Part of Tens," including ten ways to not
      get sued, an equivalent number of tips for an audit committee, smart
      management moves, things an auditor can't change after the audit, and

      There is surprisingly little explanation about what SOX actually is
      and requires. There is some background about the development of SOX,
      but the key concepts, basic compliance, and prediction of future
      trends is definitely missing. Since legal compliance issues are
      likely of great significance to corporations, it is unlikely that this
      book would be of much help to anyone.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2007 BKSOXDUM.RVW 20070125

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