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REVIEW: "Winternals", Dave Kleiman et al

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  • Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Ha
    BKWNTRNL.RVW 20061117 Winternals , Dave Kleiman et al, 2006, 1-59749-079-2, U$49.95/C$64.95 %E Dave Kleiman dave@davekleiman.com %C 800 Hingham Street,
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      BKWNTRNL.RVW 20061117

      "Winternals", Dave Kleiman et al, 2006, 1-59749-079-2, U$49.95/C$64.95
      %E Dave Kleiman dave@...
      %C 800 Hingham Street, Rockland, MA 02370
      %D 2006
      %G 1-59749-079-2
      %I Syngress Media, Inc.
      %O U$49.95/C$64.95 781-681-5151 fax: 781-681-3585 www.syngress.com
      %O http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1597490792/robsladesinterne
      %O http://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/1597490792/robsladesin03-20
      %O Audience a Tech 2 Writing 1 (see revfaq.htm for explanation)
      %P 479 p.
      %T "Winternals: Defragmentation, Recovery, and Administration Field

      The foreword doesn't exactly state that the book is documentation for
      the Winternals (commercial) and Sysinternals (free) programs, but that
      seems to be the implication. (With the purchase of both entities by
      Microsoft it is oddly the Winternals products that may be difficult to
      obtain: the free Sysinternals utilities are currently still available
      on Microsoft's Website.)

      Chapter one covers the installation of, preparation for, and some
      tools from ERD (Emergency Recovery Disk) Commander 2005. In dealing
      with malware and rootkits it is important to know process and startup
      information. The explanations for Process Explorer and Autoruns, in
      chapter two, are sometimes verbose, but always well-written,
      interesting, and clear. Some of the Sysinternals utilities are dealt
      with in chapter three, but while the background material (say, on file
      permission evaluation) is detailed, it is not always articulate. More
      Sysinternals programs, for monitoring system activity, are in chapter
      four. Chapter five is sometimes confusing as to which of the disk
      utilities examined are free or commercial, or which are to be used
      locally and which remotely. There are often lots of screenshots, but
      sometimes little clarity in regard to execution or invocation of the
      application. There are many screenshots in the descriptions of data
      recovery tools in chapter six, but the pre-requisite tools and tasks
      are listed in a straightforward and useful manner.

      The system troubleshooting tools (all but one free) listed in chapter
      seven present a lot of duplication of content from chapter four.
      (There are, in fact, a number of sections in the book that repeat
      material from other parts. In response to a draft of this review, the
      editor noted that it was felt that this approach provided ideas on how
      to use the tools for differing tasks.) Chapter eight deals with
      network troubleshooting, but the text is primarily concerned with
      lists of commands, rather than functional use. The same is true of
      application examination tools in chapter nine (which would, in any
      case, mostly be of interest to programmers and those involved with
      software forensics). Chapter ten is also of interest to programmers,
      noting the source code availability for a number of the tools. (Many
      code fragments can be used in a variety of intriguing and oddball
      applications.) Tools specific to Windows NT are listed in chapter
      eleven. Chapter twelve describes some utilities created for fun (or

      The Winternals/Sysinternals tools are powerful, but sometimes you need
      some help to find out how best to use them. While some sections of
      this book require digging and experimentation, there is useful advice
      from those who have used the utilities extensively.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2006 BKWNTRNL.RVW 20061117

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