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[techbooks] REVIEW: "DNS and BIND", Paul Albitz/Cricket Liu

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    BKDNSBND.RVW 981115 DNS and BIND , Paul Albitz/Cricket Liu, 1998, 1-56592-512-2, U$32.95/C$46.95 %A Paul Albitz %A Cricket Liu %C 103 Morris Street,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 1999
      BKDNSBND.RVW 981115

      "DNS and BIND", Paul Albitz/Cricket Liu, 1998, 1-56592-512-2,
      %A Paul Albitz
      %A Cricket Liu
      %C 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472
      %D 1998
      %G 1-56592-512-2
      %I O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
      %O U$32.95/C$46.95 800-998-9938 fax: 707-829-0104 nuts@...
      %P 520 p.
      %T "DNS and BIND", 3rd ed.

      Of the millions of users on the Internet, almost all are blissfully
      unaware of the complexity and magnitude of the task of network
      routing. How does the network know where to deliver a piece of email?
      In fact, given the packet nature of all Internet traffic, how do
      telnet or ftp packets get, reliably and generally quickly, to their
      destination? Few even recognize the term DNS, the Domain Name
      Service, which handles the problem. Administrators may have used
      BIND, the Berkeley Internet Name Domain program, to manage DNS, but
      may not fully understand the importance, use or finer aspects of it.
      This book gives both background and operational details.

      Topics covered include background of the system, an explanation of the
      workings of DNS, how to get BIND and a domain name, setting up BIND,
      DNS and email, configuring hosts, maintaining BIND, modifying domains,
      creation of subdomains, advanced features and security, nslookup, BIND
      debugging messages, troubleshooting, the Resolver and Name Server
      Library routines, as well as miscellaneous other information.

      Given the nature of the network routing problem, a full understanding
      of DNS likely requires actual hands-on work. Albitz and Liu have,
      however, put together clear, straightforward, and sometimes even
      lighthearted text to make the learning process as painless as
      possible. The book also covers more advanced topics than
      straightforward routing administration. Bind 8.1.2 is the basic
      version for the book, but it also looks back to Bind 4.8.3 and 4.9.x
      because of the number of shipping products that may still be based on

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995, 1997, 1998 BKDNSBND.RVW 981115

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