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REVIEW: "Security", Neil Cumming

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    BKSECRTY.RVW 20020520 Security , Neil Cumming, 1992, 0-7506-9624-9 %A Neil Cumming %C 225 Wildwood Street, Woburn, MA 01801 %D 1992 %G
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2002
      BKSECRTY.RVW 20020520

      "Security", Neil Cumming, 1992, 0-7506-9624-9
      %A Neil Cumming
      %C 225 Wildwood Street, Woburn, MA 01801
      %D 1992
      %G 0-7506-9624-9
      %I Butterworth-Heinemann/CRC Press/Digital Press
      %O http://www.bh.com/bh/ 800-366-BOOK fax: 617-933-6333
      %P 338 p.
      %T "Security: A Guide to Security System Design and Equipment
      Selection and Installation"

      Since this book deals with security equipment selection and
      purchasing, and is a decade old, and was written specifically for the
      UK market, is it of any use, now, to a wider audience? Well, the
      author has not simply written a buyers guide to the products current
      at the time. The work deals with the ideas and reasons behind the
      purchase of security gear, and the author has therefore produced a
      volume with ongoing usefulness.

      Chapter one outlines the stages of selecting and purchasing security
      systems, but does so from the perspective of the needs to be
      addressed. The material is clear and very practical, and provides
      guidelines from the beginnings of planning through contracting to
      installation and final inspection. The components of alarm systems
      are thoroughly covered in chapter two. There are some problems in the
      discussion of cabling and transmission; the security aspects of
      networked sensors get short shrift, and the lengthy section on
      multiplexing would be of concern only to the largest installations;
      but overall the pointers are very valuable. Exterior sensors, from a
      variety of technologies, are dealt with in chapter three, while
      chapter four reviews internal sensors. Basic lighting and imaging
      considerations starts out the discussion of closed circuit television,
      before closing with specific systems and components at the end of
      chapter five. Chapter six details locking systems, mostly for doors,
      with access control systems following in chapter seven. Security
      lighting considerations and factors are thoroughly covered in chapter

      Some items refer and relate only to UK standards, although these are
      likely reasonably representative, and the relevant statutes for other
      countries should be available. There are occasional shortcomings: the
      author sometimes makes blanket assertions without background
      explanations. Overall, however, this is a valuable guide for any
      manager dealing with security, and for information security
      specialists needing to deal with the physical domain it is a handy

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2002 BKSECRTY.RVW 20020520

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