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REVIEW: "Viruses Revealed", Robert M. Slade/David Harley/Urs Gattiker

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  • Rob, grandpa of Ryan, Trevor, Devon & Ha
    BKVR.RVW 20011013 Viruses Revealed , Robert M. Slade/David Harley/Urs Gattiker, 2001, 0-07-213090-3, U$39.99 %A Robert M. Slade rslade@sprint.ca,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2001
      BKVR.RVW 20011013

      "Viruses Revealed", Robert M. Slade/David Harley/Urs Gattiker, 2001,
      0-07-213090-3, U$39.99
      %A Robert M. Slade rslade@..., rslade@..., p1@...
      %A David Harley harley@..., macvirus@...
      %A oh, yeah, and Urs Gattiker, too
      %C 300 Water Street, Whitby, Ontario L1N 9B6
      %D 2001
      %G 0-07-213090-3
      %I McGraw-Hill Ryerson/Osborne
      %O U$39.99 905-430-5000 +1-800-565-5758 fax: 905-430-5020
      %O (the authors are from Canada, the UK, and Denmark, but do we get
      %O prices in CDN$, pounds, or kroner? Nooooooooo. Of course, you
      %O could order it from Chapters.ca for C$63.95, but it'll take two
      %O weeks for them to get it ...)
      %P 700 p.
      %T "Viruses Revealed"

      The International Institute for Fashion and Other Really Nasty Things
      today announced the winner of the 2001 Award for the World's Ugliest
      Book Cover. "Normally, we wouldn't announce a winner until next
      spring some time," said Frederick Krueger, the Institute's president,
      "but with the release of `Viruses Revealed,' there really isn't room
      for any competition."

      Spokespeople for Osborne/McGraw-Hill would not speak for attribution,
      but one did admit that they were pleased with the award. "We said we
      were going for `bold' and `eye-catching,' but our real target was to
      produce that sick-to-your-stomach flu feeling, to give people a real
      virus queasiness. It's nice to know we succeeded."

      Security specialists were equally quick to comment on the contents of
      the work. "What a thick book!" said David Chess.

      "Da- I mean, darn it, where are the taxonomies?" said Winn Schwartau,
      author of "Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids." He also promised
      to give us his *real* reaction "as soon as I get rid of the best of
      these rugrats."

      "I think more time should go by between Slade's books." - Larry

      "How come my work didn't get mentioned?" - sarah gordon

      "read it" - A. Padgett Peterson

      "Should be `reviled'." - PGN

      "A mythic work! No, sorry, that should be `mythical'." - Jeff Crume

      "Why are these guys misusing my name?" - Gene Spafford

      "Makes a great doorstop." - Tom Sheldon

      "Oooh, a foreword from spaf!" - David Chess (no relation)

      "Fills an unneeded gap." - Fred Cohen

      Misinformation about semi-recent viruses can be found at
      http://www.osborne.com/virus_alert/, while marketing hype is available
      at http://victoria.tc.ca/techrev/vrupdate.htm and
      http://sun.soci.niu.edu/~rslade/vrupdate.htm. Some real links can be
      found at http://www.sherpasoft.org.uk/viruses-revealed/.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2001 BKVR.RVW 20011013

      rslade@... rslade@... slade@... p1@...
      "If you do buy a computer, don't turn it on." - Richards' 2nd Law
      "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" 0-387-94663-2 800-SPRINGER
      "Viruses Revealed" 0-07-213090-3
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