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REVIEW: "Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days", Keith Brophy/Timot

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    BKTYVBS2.RVW 20000605 Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days , Keith Brophy/Timothy Koets, 1996, 1-57521-120-3, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#36.50 %A Keith Brophy %A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2000
      BKTYVBS2.RVW 20000605

      "Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days", Keith Brophy/Timothy Koets,
      1996, 1-57521-120-3, U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#36.50
      %A Keith Brophy
      %A Timothy Koets
      %C 201 W. 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290
      %D 1996
      %G 1-57521-120-3
      %I Macmillan Computer Publishing (MCP)
      %O U$39.99/C$56.95/UK#36.50 317-581-3743 http://www.mcp.com
      %P 679 p. + CD-ROM
      %T "Teach Yourself VBScript in 21 Days"

      In this case the "21 Days" conceit works in a poorer manner than is
      usual. The "weeks," for example, are very poorly described. If I had
      to make a guess, I'd say that week one was about VBScript itself, week
      two seemed to concentrate on ActiveX aspects, and week three dealt
      with slightly more advanced topics.

      That would be only a rough guess, though. Chapter one has an odd, but
      interesting, explanation and analogy of the Internet and World Wide
      Web. There are some examples of what VBS can be made to do in chapter
      two. The actual programming should probably start in chapter three,
      but while there is a bit of sample code, it is not explained very
      well. This is a pity, since it means that the coming chapters are
      building on a foundation that has not been laid. Chapter four, for
      instance, talks about variables, but without working programs, there
      is little that the reader can do in the way of experimentation.
      Arithmetic operators, in chapter five; control structures, in chapter
      six; and procedures, functions, and subroutines, in chapter seven, all
      get introductions, but aren't really accessible to the reader.

      Week two, as noted, seems to emphasize ActiveX. Chapter eight deals
      with HTML form elements, but makes a poor distinction between HTML and
      VBScript. More form elements are in chapter nine. Chapter ten has
      some ActiveX controls, chapter eleven has more ActiveX controls, and
      chapter twelve has even more ActiveX controls, plus some material on
      Java applets and ActiveVRML. VBScript conventions are promoted in
      chapter thirteen. Chapter fourteen describes some means of output,
      with message boxes, prompt windows, and a very poor explanation of the
      restrictions on the use of document.write.

      The final section discusses some advanced topics. Chapter fifteen
      looks as string functions. Date and math functions are listed in
      chapter sixteen. There are some debugging tips in chapter seventeen.
      Chapter eighteen reviews interface factors and browser objects.
      Client-side form validation merits a brief discussion in chapter
      nineteen. Chapter twenty looks at some differences between Visual
      Basic and VBScript. Chapter twenty one closes off with some random
      points on stability and security.

      While the book does contain the important points about VBScript, the
      content is not presented in a manner that is easy for the novice to
      understand. For the experienced programmer, and particularly one
      familiar with Visual Basic, the text should not be too difficult to
      work through. The book will not, however, provide you with any
      thorough reference material.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 2000 BKTYVBS2.RVW 20000605

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