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[techbooks] REVIEW: "Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference", Sandra Osbo

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    BKWNTRSR.RVW 990717 Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference , Sandra Osborne, 1998, 1-56205-941-6, U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#27.50 %A Sandra Osborne %C 201
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      BKWNTRSR.RVW 990717

      "Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference", Sandra Osborne, 1998,
      1-56205-941-6, U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#27.50
      %A Sandra Osborne
      %C 201 W. 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290
      %D 1998
      %G 1-56205-941-6
      %I Macmillan Computer Publishing (MCP)
      %O U$29.99/C$42.95/UK#27.50 800-858-7674 nrmedia@...
      %P 541 p.
      %T "Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference"

      In this case, the title is exact and the subtitle explicit. This book
      is about the Windows NT Registry, and the settings contained therein.
      The material does not deal with Registry programming, which might be
      needed by those creating installation systems, but is of use and
      guidance to those involved in NT configuration, system administration,
      and workstation setup.

      There is very little material on the Registry itself, since the author
      assumes that those interested in buying such a book know about the
      existence of the system and have a rough idea of what it contains.
      The explanation is quick, but reasonably thorough, covering
      differences between the two editors, and admitting (for once) that
      "hive" means very little more than "file."

      Part one deals with hardware settings, looking into disk drives,
      display settings, mice and keyboards, sound, memory, network adapters,
      printers, notebooks, and other hardware issues. Software components
      of NT are covered in part two. Chapter ten is a first rate
      explanation of the NT boot process and, for any NT troubleshooter,
      well worth the price of the book, all by itself. Other topics include
      the desktop, system components, profiles, security, and the user
      manager settings. Part three talks about network client issues, such
      as dial-up networking, services, communications, and TCP/IP. An
      appendix gives a complete listing of Registry keys.

      A helpful and useful reference.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999 BKWNTRSR.RVW 990717

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