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[techbooks] REVIEW: "CNN Headline News by Email", headlinenewsmail@CNN.COM

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    MLCNNMLS.RVW 990820 CNN Headline News by Email , headlinenewsmail@CNN.COM, 1998 - , , free %A headlinenewsmail@CNN.COM %D 1998 - %I CNN %O free,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 1999
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      MLCNNMLS.RVW 990820

      "CNN Headline News by Email", headlinenewsmail@..., 1998 - , ,
      %A headlinenewsmail@...
      %D 1998 -
      %I CNN
      %O free, http://CNN.com/EMAIL
      %P ~10 p. daily, including weekends
      %T "CNN Headline News by Email"

      While a fairly obvious come-on to get you to visit the CNN Website,
      this is a reasonably informative, though not always entirely
      convenient, summary of daily news events.

      There are one or two top stories, and then sections with four to six
      articles each on world news, US news, business, sport, politics,
      technology, and entertainment. Each entry in the main body of the
      message provides a headline, a sentence or two from the lead
      paragraph, and the URL of the article itself. Unlike other, similar,
      text based mailing lists, CNN does not ensure that the URLs are on a
      line by themselves to facilitate cut and paste functions between mail
      readers and browsers. However, the message does indent the headlines
      with angle brackets, which means that mail readers highlighting
      "quoted" text in email replies will also highlight the headlines.

      A rather lengthy header lists the headlines from the first five
      sections, some standard CNN Website offerings, and URLs for a few
      in-depth special features.

      I find that I now skip the header entirely. In the main body of the
      message, I read the headlines of the sections that interest me, and
      about a tenth of the introductory paragraphs. About once a month, an
      article is of sufficient interest to warrant a visit to the Website
      for the full article.

      Very often stories will be duplicated in more than one section. I
      also find that the section of greatest interest to me, technology,
      tends to run duplicated stories for two or three days, which is rather
      annoying. (I would far rather see one or two new technology stories
      each day than have to re-read old material.) This does not appear to
      be the practice in the other sections.

      Management of subscriptions is apparently done only through the
      Website at http://CNN.com/EMAIL.

      This mailing list is not up to the concise quality of "The Daily
      Brief" (cf. BKDLYBRF.RVW), but does provide a quick way to keep up on
      most of the news of the day.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999 MLCNNMLS.RVW 990820

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