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[techbooks] REVIEW: "Corporate Espionage", Ira Winkler

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    BKCRPESP.RVW 990424 Corporate Espionage , Ira Winkler, 1997, 0-7615-0840-6, U$26.00/C$34.95 %A Ira Winkler %C 3875 Atherton Road, Rocklin, CA
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 1999
      BKCRPESP.RVW 990424

      "Corporate Espionage", Ira Winkler, 1997, 0-7615-0840-6,
      %A Ira Winkler
      %C 3875 Atherton Road, Rocklin, CA 95765-3716
      %D 1997
      %G 0-7615-0840-6
      %I Prima Publishing
      %O U$26.00/C$34.95 800-632-8676 916-632-4400 fax: 916-632-1232
      %P 365 p.
      %T "Corporate Espionage"

      This readable and realistic guide to becoming professionally paranoid
      has a special emphasis on data security and high tech companies, but
      can be very useful to pretty much anyone.

      Part one looks at espionage concepts. Chapter one, and the
      introduction that precedes it, points out that information is one of
      the primary sources of value in any business. Chapters two through
      five look at the basic ideas for any examination of data security,
      those of risk, value, threat, and vulnerability. Presented in terms,
      and with examples, that anyone can understand, they nevertheless form
      the foundation for examining security and protection for computer and
      communications systems as well as the sales "red book" for next

      Part two presents a variety of case studies. Winkler concentrates on
      the non-technical, relatively simple, and devastatingly effective
      "social engineering" aspect of break-ins. Chapter six is a
      compilation of tactics used in various penetration tests. One
      particular test is outlined in chapter seven. Chapters eight to
      eleven detail actual espionage cases carried out by foreign companies.
      A different penetration test is presented in chapter twelve. A third
      party account of a "crack" is discussed in chapter thirteen.

      Part three outlines what you can do to protect yourself. Chapter
      fourteen describes a significant list of countermeasures to take,
      starting with an effective education program. Finally, chapter
      fifteen presents a large scale program for overall security.

      This book is very down to earth, and very real. Unlike any number of
      "hacker" books, it doesn't attempt to impress the reader with displays
      of arcane knowledge: it doesn't have to. Technical details are almost
      non-existent, making the text an excellent choice for use in educating
      any level or type of employee on the need for security.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999 BKCRPESP.RVW 990424

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