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[techbooks] REVIEW: "Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0", Charlie Russe

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  • Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan and Tr
    BKRWNTS4.RVW 990403 Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 , Charlie Russel/Sharon Crawford, 1997, 1-57231-333-1, U$39.95/C$54.95/UK#36.99 %A Charlie
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 1999
      BKRWNTS4.RVW 990403

      "Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0", Charlie Russel/Sharon
      Crawford, 1997, 1-57231-333-1, U$39.95/C$54.95/UK#36.99
      %A Charlie Russel crussel@...
      %A Sharon Crawford 76216.1463@...
      %C 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399
      %D 1997
      %G 1-57231-333-1
      %I Microsoft Press
      %O U$39.95/C$54.95/UK#36.99 800-MSPRESS fax: 206-936-7329
      %P 615 p.
      %T "Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0"

      While the introduction does list some groups as a target audience, the
      assortments are so broad as to make judging on the basis of
      constituency very difficult.

      Part one is a pre-installation guide, which would be good if it gave
      you more material to plan with. Chapter one is a general (and
      promotional) overview of the operating system. The domain model, and
      trust relationships, are integral to NT networks, so chapter two's
      explanation can be quite useful. Unfortunately, chapter three's
      review of hardware planning is of the "make sure you have enough"
      variety. Chapter four gives both an outline and details of
      administration and security, but doesn't bring them together. File
      system and network protocol options are presented in chapter five,
      but, again, the content emphasizes making the right choice more than
      it gives you the information to make that choice possible.

      Part two's overview of installation has a decided advantage over most
      such guides in that it knows each network is different, and that a lot
      of decisions have to be prepared in advance. Chapter six outlines a
      number of approaches to the system installation itself. Most of the
      space in chapter seven, though, is spent explaining bits of TCP/IP
      that are not essential to the installation, and leaving out those that
      are. There is a good overview of disk partitions and volumes in
      chapter eight.

      Part three moves into domain administration. Chapter nine's look at
      user accounts is good on particulars, but doesn't give you a cohesive
      picture of how to decide permissions and policies for users. The
      built in accounts and groups are described in chapter ten. The
      mechanics of printer setup are displayed in chapter eleven, and shares
      are described in chapter twelve. Both Microsoft Messaging, in chapter
      thirteen, and application service, in chapter fourteen, start off with
      explanations of the concepts, but don't provide enough details for
      effective use. Chapter fifteen has a terse summary of some server

      Part four tries to extend some of the material in part two to a wider
      arena. Domains, TCP/IP, and remote access all get some more detail in
      chapters sixteen to eighteen. New content is a description of
      Internet Information Server, in chapter nineteen, and clients for
      other platforms, in twenty. Part five extends other material from
      parts two and three, such as events and disk maintenance, with
      additional content on the registry and disaster recovery.

      While a serviceable guide to the system, and better than a large
      number of similar texts, this book cannot be recommended unreservedly.

      copyright Robert M. Slade, 1999 BKRWNTS4.RVW 990403

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