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25468RE: [tec-scopes] M17 - The Swan Nebula

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  • Bernard Miller
    Jul 5, 2014
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      I took your advice and reprocessed. I would be curious to know what you think. The new picture is at the same link.





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      this is probably asking too much, bernard, but i'd vote for something in the middle, that brings out the distinctive "swan" figure a bit more from the complex background, without losing the superb detail in the stellar field and intermingled dark clouds that you obtained in the second image.


      i haven't tried astrophotography so this may be a naive suggestion, but software is available that simulates the high dynamic range of the eye by merging images taken at different exposures. it seems to me your post processing can or does do something equivalent. 




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      Bernard, very nice and my vote is for second version.



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      Subject: [tec-scopes] M17 - The Swan Nebula




      Well after almost four years of imaging I finally got M17. Actually M17 was the first picture I ever took with a telescope. I took it with a C11 Hyperstar using a DSLR in the parking lot of Starizona in Tucson. You can see that version at

      Anyway, here is a much better version my opinion.

      Comments or suggestions are welcomed.



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