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25460Re: [tec-scopes] Re: Minimum Strehl?

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  • tim wetherell
    Jul 5, 2014
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      Thanks Bruce

      It's from memory - too hard to do that kind of drawing at the eyepiece as you say. wasn't difficult to remember as it made quite an impression on me! And I did wonder if anyone would check the angular separation from the diffraction rings :)

      And Yuri - what I want now is to be able to sell works for the price of a Van Gough - then I might place an order for one of those 10" apos you're making :D

      all the best


      On 05/07/2014, at 1:08 AM, Bruce MacEvoy bmacevoy@... [tec-scopes] wrote:

      that's a delightful rendering, tim, it looks like you've used pastels on black paper? very hard to do color in the dark, was it from notes, or memory? you have the companion at around the 3rd ring, which at a "long" wavelength (600nm) is 2.54" in a 180mm ...

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