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24727Re: Mak 7 + Mach1GTO Mount

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  • zeeemu
    Jan 19 3:48 PM
      Hi Jim,

       I'll be using an observatory tent with an insulating dew shield wrap on the scope, Since it is their dry season I'm hoping for dry warm nights and sunny days. Right now temps at Flamingo are running 50' + at night and 70+ during the day. I have some home made low wattage dew heaters that I used during comet Halley's last swing by. They worked well on my camera equipment. If found in time I'll bring them along. Thanks for the tip.

      Most dewy nights my scopes get wrapped in plastic/ aluminum bubble thermal insulation following an initial cool down. That usually keeps the optics dry for several hours. If dew does form I call it a night and catch some Z's.

       BTW, where or what is CAV?

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