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RE: [teampfb] Re: Medical Update Enquiry

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  • Peter Todd
    Hi Bill, Sorry to here you ve been in the wars again. Having anything with scot in it s name must be a particular worry for you - although I must say our own
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 21, 2010
      Hi Bill,

      Sorry to here you've been in the wars again. Having anything with "scot" in it's name must be a particular worry for you - although I must say our own "unresponsive grey blob" that has tirelessly organised bike trips for us, has grown in my affections over the years!

      I'll be down your way at New Year to hopefully bring some cheer with your copy of the Magny Cours DVD. I think you qualify as you were with us in spirit at least.

      We'll have to get you down to Andover for the next curry - with one swollen red eye half hanging out you really wouldn't look out of place - the locals would welcome you as one of their own.

      I think you're a real hero to go through this - I know if anyone came near one of MY eyes I'd try to tear their head off!

      Hope you're feeling more comfortable soon,

      Merry Christmas,


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      Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 23:52:12 +0000
      Subject: [teampfb] Re: Medical Update Enquiry

      Hi Boon,
      Thanks for asking. Work today because soton roads were passable with care, unlike last time. Also the Uni had organised itself a bit & got contractors in to grit most of the paths, so much safer for pedestrians.
      Saw surgeon again this AM, he had arranged & looked at an OCT scan of the R eye's deep foveal structures & showed me before/after holiday snaps, i.e. that its anatomically the right shape now: visually I seem to be left with some moderate damage - a scotoma (unresponsive grey blob) right smack in the middle of the reading area (foveola), which may-or may not- get better with time. Oil change scheduled early Jan 2011 & planned lensectomy on NHS when cataract arrives, prob. That will be needed within a matter of a few weeks or months afterwards, I gather. Happy days!
      Sorry, that may be more detail than you expected.
      Spoke to boss this PM & basically he was not impressed with my attendance, told me to f*ck off until I could be trusted not to frighten people with my appearance - he may be waiting a long time for that to happen :-))

      Best wishes for Happy Christmas if I don't see you sooner.

      On 20/12/2010 20:22, "ian.p.brown@..." <ianpbrown@...> wrote:

      Hi Bill,

      Just a quick note to check how you're getting on with your eye ?

      Presume you didn't go back to work today and hopefully all still going well with respect to your recuperation..


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