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Fwd: Sunday 4th July, Day 2. Vuelta de Dibden

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      ----- Original Message ----- From: Colin P O'Brien Sent: 07/04/2010 03:12 PM CDT To: "Peter O'Brien" <peter.obrien@...>; "Das Wood" <das.wood@...> Cc: Colin O'Brien Subject: Sunday 4th July, Day 2. Vuelta de Dibden Decided on the light breakfast option and were soon disembarking the ferry, weaving in amongst the caravans, to make an early break out of a very quiet St Malo. Successfully found the bridge over the dam (Barrage de Rance) that gets you out of St Malo, and were soon cycling up hill and down dale through Northern France in brilliant sunshine. Got pulled in by a moto gendarme shortly after, who asked us to look out for a missing small child (rather ominously by keeping an eye on the ditches) and shortly after that we entered a small town to find wall to wall police and army guys checking all the houses and even police helicopters flying overhead. I'm not sure they told us the full story but there was obviously a major operation on. We found it fairly tough going with a head wind and the undulations. Also at one point Chris took to eating flies and spitting and choking on them. It was a bit like when a dog eats something he doesn't like and tries to spit it out and then 10 minutes later eats the same thing again. I suggested he stick to the Fruesli bars for his protein. Stopped at bar in Montauban for lunch. The cheerful lady behind the bar sent one of her regulars (with much cajoling) to get a baguette before the baker closed. He didn't look very happy about it, but the king size sandwiches went down a treat. Both of us phoned home. Nice for me to talk to Eleanor, fresh back from Oz. Stopped at 100km mark for a tangerine in the shade. On starting I had a definate leg problem before I got going. I would guess the conversation went like this. Legs: "Ouch that hurts. I thought we were finally stopping for the day". Me "come on now I told you it was 120km" Legs: " you have to be joking. The furthest you've cycled in a day since that Diagonale debacle 2 years ago is about 100 km at the Gordel. You must be out of your mind! What are you thinking of ! etc etc Eventually arrived in La Gacilly (home of Yves Rocher and his perfume factory) only to find there was a full blown Bicycle race going on through the closed off streets. We were allowed to cycle on the street when there was a gap in the race, but we did get a lot of cat calls suggesting we speed up a bit. We already had booked into a Logis so found it OK. Showered and washed the cycle gear plus caught the last few minutes of the Tour de France (the Brussels stage). We were both strangely fatigued by the day and mildly suburnt where we hadn't put quite enough factor 30 on. With the white circles around my eyes I am once again thinking of moving to the bamboo shoot diet. We had the first pizza of the trip this evening at a recommended establishment by the river. Excellent quality and washed down with beer and wine, so obviously able to replenish all our essential vitamin and mineral levels. Stats for today; 118.3 km, 6hr 27mins in the saddle giving an 18.3 avg, 1210m climbed. Doesn't sound impressive but the headwind made it tougher than it looks. There was an impressive open air photo gallery going on in the village, so Chris was doing the David Bailey impressions but upping the danger factor by taking most of the pics while standing in the middle of the road amongst the passing traffic. Anyway, time for bed. I'm sure tomorrow will be an easy day! Regards Colin O'Brien Operations Excellence Process Manager (Via Blackberry)
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