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Fwd: Day 1: Ronda Dibden Purlieu

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      ----- Original Message ----- From: Colin P O'Brien Sent: 07/04/2010 12:52 AM CDT To: "Das Wood" <das.wood@...>; "Peter O'Brien" <peter.obrien@...>; Colin O'Brien Subject: Day 1: Ronda Dibden Purlieu Early start for both of us, getting up around 5am; Chris took Das to airport for her flight to Paris and I caught the early Eurostar. Great run in the Alfa with top down all the way from Brussels to Dibden except for a 20 minute storm squall which had me diving into a layby at Dunquerque to get the roof up, having succumbed to a rather wet left shoulder for some reason. After a leisurely reassembly of Bike Friday from its stored position behind the Alfa seats and a final packing check we were off at about 2:30 for the Hythe Ferry, mostly sunny with some clouds and around 23oC. Cycled over Itchen Bridge, traffic very busy, and eventually got off A roads to head into Gosport via Lee on Solent. Lots of yacht and kite surfing activity with a strong onshore wind and very photogenic - you could even see an old oil refinery across the water! I think Das was recently over here on a secret mission to find tar balls that were thought to have been placed by disaffected locals in order to besmirch our company's good name. Caught another ferry in Gosport over to Portsmouth Docks. Choice between visiting old Portsmouth and an inviting pub with benches outside overlooking HMS Warrior was decided with no dissension. Pint of Ruddles in the sunshine, with nothing but a gaggle of English Ladies, discussing the quality of their men folk in somewhat robust language on the benches nearby, to disturb this idyllic and quintescentially English scene (sorry no spell checker on BB). It does feel like we are on holiday. Went to Car Ferry docks, checked in, and then waited by the boat while a whole world of cars embarked while we stood and watched (and took in the fumes). Bikes eventually stowed in small enclosed area with a lot of others for company. Today was 40.6km, 257m of climbing, 19.4 km/hr average on Chris's sophisticated software. Hurried change of clothing allowed us to get a seat in restaurant before they were all gone - it was full up about 10 minutes after we arrived. Really rather good 4 course meal with wine ensued. Rather "chubbed up" (to use motorcycling parlance) we attempted to get a phone signal to comtact our nearest and dearest. Despite having a signal and the IOW transmitter being clearly visible, both our phones could not make the connection. So off to bed after an easy day. High confidence in our ability to complete at least a similar distance tomorrow. Regards Colin O'Brien Operations Excellence Process Manager (Via Blackberry)
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