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433Pier to Pier Swim

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  • sunlot2001
    Jul 4, 2010

      Well I turned up at Bournemouth to what appeared to be some kind of rubber fetish convention; 2,000 or so well-toned bodies squeezed into skin-tight suits. Maybe I was going to need more than just a pair of Speedos?

      Undeterred, I set off in the middle of a melee of thrashing latex arms and legs. The swimming trunks tactic was working well and I seemed to be passing quite a few of the better insulated entrants.

      A calm sea and the hottest day of the year made the swim quite a pleasant experience and I only spent 49mins 28 seconds in the water - so I didn't get too cold - In fact we celebrated with a pint of ice cold lager!

      My proudest moment was being presented with a gold medal at the end (check out the new photo). I shall always treasure this - until Christmas at least; I've promised Mark he can remove the outer foil and eat it...

      Thanks all of you generous chaps who contributed - we've made £190.00 so far - quite a bit more than my £60.00 target.

      See you at the next curry.