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Re: Purpose of This Forum/TealSafe Add-on

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  • tealtex
    Hello, ... It should be possible to allow you to set optionally set the bold font for all the data entry lines as an option. ... Store. Possible, but not sure
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2004

      > 1. Bold Font Option

      It should be possible to allow you to set optionally set the bold
      font for all the data entry lines as an option.

      > 2. Import ability from Contacts/Address Book direct to a Data

      Possible, but not sure how it would work. Right now, the built-in
      formats for the contact-based data stores amount to nothing more
      than default labels for the various fields, as you can tap on the
      labels and change them to whatever you want even for
      these "predetermined" layouts. I guess a full import ability would
      need allow you to match up which fields when to which fields when
      importing the data, which could be pretty cool. Not sure if the new
      OS6 PIM database format would change this, as Palm is not allowing
      access to the schema databases from OS5-compatible apps (!).

      > 3. Complete text view without "run-off" when indexing to next

      The data fields that take up more than one line are PalmOS multiline
      text fields, and these will automatically scroll when your text goes
      past the bottom line. I assume this is what you're talking about.
      You can get them to scroll back by moving the cursor up past the top
      displayed line. Some devices (like treo600) link the 5-way to
      cursor movement. On others, you need to use the prev/next graffiti

      > 4. More friendly "cut and paste" especially using a TealScript

      Cut and paste is largely handled by the system. This might be more
      of a tealScript issue.

      > If this is the incorrect "format" for forum postings, I apologize.

      This is the perfect place for this. In fact, we'd like to welcome
      more discussion about features, suggestions, and dialogue between
      customers too.

      Discussion on all programs are welcome, though TealDoc is at the
      forefront right now because that's what we're working on. We'd like
      to know what people are primarily using the program for so we can
      plan for new features.


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