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Set Free| Intro to Buddhism| Perfect Student| Compassion Over Fear| Self-Reflection| Every Day As Groundhog Day

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    TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 22.04.06 Get this newsletter | TDE-Weekly Archive ______ Quote: This setting you free has set me this free. - stonepeace _____
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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 22.04.06

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      This setting you free
      has set me this free.

      - stonepeace

      A Brief Introduction of Buddhism
      Sex Between Gurus & Disciples?
      Why Be a Perfect Spiritual Student?
      Karma of Copying Homework?
      Choosing Compassion Over Fear (of Dogs!)
      Is the End of Childbirth the End of Rebirth?
      Moonpointer : Many Fresh Offerings (20/4)

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      Realisation: 3 Reflections on Self-Relfection

        Clearly, one who cannot even see oneself clearly cannot see others clearly. - stonepeace

      Pot Calling Kettle Black?

      Jim: You‘re being judgemental.
      Tim: Am I? How can you tell? Look who’s judging me now?
      Jim: You‘re really being judgemental. How can you tell I’m judging you? I know you!
      Tim: Really? Ok, I shall not judge.

      Secret Sideway Observation?

      So unobservant was he, that he never observed that it is possible to observe others - from the side of his eyes. So, he would “secretly” observe others from the side, not knowing they could also “secretly” observe him observing them too - from the side of their eyes. While he was wondering what they were like, they wondered what he was wondering about them. 

      Fine If You Don't Compare?

         Jill: Yucks! This soft drink tastes weird without ice!
      Jack: Just take it as it is. Just don't compare this with the iced version and it‘ll be fine!...
               Hey! Wait! We do have ice here! Let’s add some!
         Jill: Look who's talking! 

      - Zyrius Grey, Shen Shi'an & Shiqin (Adapted from www.moonpointer.com)

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      Review: Response to "The Quest for a Perfect Teacher"
      Excerpt: Every Day As Groundhog Day 

       To repeat a mistake once is to be reborn negatively once. - stonepeace 

      When we are mindful of others, we are focused on helping them to be fully present just by being fully present ourselves. Watch the body language of the people you work with. Working as a team requires that we understand how other members of the team function - their jobs and skills as well as emotional and spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

      In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is stuck in a day that repeats over and over. I've always felt that this is a movie about the practice of mindfulness. At first the character played by Murray is completely self-centered. He reacts to this experience of each day repeating in annoyance and anger. In particular he gets angry with people who keep doing the exact same things, repeating their mistakes and habits. At some point he begins just to notice what people do, without becoming impatient. Then he sees that by really paying attention to the people around him he can understand and make real connections with them. By connecting with others he develops a renewed appreciation of his own life and beginds to achieve many of the things that had eluded him previously.

      - Z.B.A. : Zen of Business Administration - How Zen Practice Can Transform Your Work & Life (Marc Lesser)
        This and more available @ Awareness Place: www.AwarenessPlace.com 
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