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Single Drop| "Fearless" Lesson on True Victory| Why Are You Freezing in a Freezer?| With Whom & When Do You Cultivate Patience?

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    TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 24.02.06 Get this newsletter | TDE-Weekly Archive ______ Quote: A single drop of potent poison can render a well of pure water
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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 24.02.06

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      A single drop of potent poison can render a well of pure water deadly.
      A single drop of potent medicine can render a well of poisoned water pure.

      - Buddhist Saying

      Moonpointer : 14 New Offerings (22/02)
      Movie-Dharma : A "Fearless" Lesson on True Victory (Huo Yuanjia)

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      Realisation: Why Are You Freezing in a Freezer?

       Every little thing you do or not do make you more like the Buddha or Mara. - stonepeace

      There is a bizarre phenomenon in many offices these days. Almost everyone wears a jacket, or at least has one on standby - because the air-conditioners are often set to ridiculously low temperatures. Those who have a jacket usually don't complain when it's too cold - they simply put it on without question. The ritual of donning a jacket upon entry to the cold office becomes mindlessly automated, when it's actually unnecessary. There are of course few complaints that it's too hot, since it's usually too cold! When staff come in from the hot outdoors, the temperature tends to get turned down even lower. But when they begin to feel cold after cooling down, they put on jackets - instead of turning up the temperature! 

      Most are so passively used to "freezing" that they see no problems with working in a "freezer". But in reality, it's highly problematic - due to the continual waste of energy. Here's a proposal - Only turn on air-conditioners when truly needed. And set them to a more or less normal room temperature - to simulate the temperature of a normal room that needs no air-conditioning! Then we can do away with all the jackets, and save the Earth - to some extent at least. By a horrific irony, one of the very reasons the Earth is heating up (from global warming) is because we are powering up more air-conditioners to turn her temperature down. Yet while we freeze ourselves, the Earth's fever increase. And as she further heats up, we turn the temperature further down, further driving her (with us) to an early grave!

      In "A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life", Shantideva taught, "Where would there be enough leather to cover the entire world? The Earth is covered over with the mere leather of my sandals. Likewise, I am unable to restrain external phenomena, but I shall restrain my own mind, what need is there to restrain anything else?" Should I then obediently follow the crowd by putting on a jacket? No - because being green is not to protect only oneself, but the entire world. But how can there be enough environmental consciousness to "cover the entire world"? When it starts with you living and spreading the message. Till a more healthy temperature is accepted by the majority, I'll always be one of the few rebels, who will turn up the air-conditioner or switch it off, as when appropriate - not to selfishly suit myself though, but to suit common sense for the welfare of Mother Earth and her earthlings. I'm not one of the crowd, and might even be resented by the crowd, seen as "inconsiderate". But it'll take this same crowd too, to eventually change its mind - to be considerate to Earth, for her to be saved. Be a green rebel with a cause! Be Earth's Bodhisattva best you can - for the sake of the entire world! 
      - Shen Shi'an

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      Review: Response to "I Didn't Know You're Still Carrying Her" 
      Excerpt: With Whom & When Do You Cultivate Patience?

      'Being mad' is called so as it is truly mad to be so.
       - stonepeace

      Do not get angry with those who harm you.
      If you get angry with those who harm you,
      When are you going to cultivate patience?

      When someone hurts you, insults you or accuses you unjustly, the effect - as long as you do not lose your temper with that person or bear a grudge - will be to exhaust many of your past negative actions and obscurations. Be developing patience in such situations you can accumulate abundant merit. Consider all who wrong you, therefore, as your teachers. As it is said,

      If there were no one with whom to get angry,
      with whom could you cultivate patience?

      - Words of My Perfect Teacher : A Classic Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism (Patrul Rinpoche)
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