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29.03.12 : Interdependence | The Path To Non-Retrogression Starts Now | Why Practise Compassion For All? | Midnight in Paris: The Golden Age | Understanding Amituofo Via The Amitabha Sutra (9th Run)

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      The Daily Enlightenment
       Quote: Interdependence

      Nothing is independent.

      Every thing is interdependent 
      upon other things.
      Even these 'other things' are interdependent 
      upon more things.
      Even those 'more things' are interdependent 
      upon even more things.

      Everything is interconnected.


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       Realisation: The Path To Non-Retrogression Starts Now

      You and all other beings, should have Faith in this 'Sutra Praised For Its Inconceivable Merits, As Mindfully Protected By All Buddhas'.


      - Amitabha Sutra (The Buddha)

      In the Amita[bha] Sutra (阿弥陀经), the Buddha taught, '… In the Land of Ultimate Bliss [Amitabha Buddha; Amituofo's Pure Land], beings who are born there are all Avaivartikas [who will no longer spiritually backslide (are non-retrogressible) on the path to Buddhahood]…' ('… 极乐国土,众生生者,皆是阿�@跋致…') Upon reaching Amituofo's Pure Land, we will become Avaivartikas, non-retrogressible Bodhisattvas. But do we have to wait until then to be 'non-retrogressible'? What can we do now to ensure we will reach Pure Land?

      The sutra also says, '… If there are those who already aspired [vowed], now aspire [vow], or will aspire [vow] to be born in Amita[bha] Buddha's land, all of them will attain [the Stage of] Non-retrogression for realising Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi [Buddhahood]. In that land, they have already been born, are now being born, or will be born. This is why… all good men and good women, if they have Faith, should aspire [vow] to be born in that land…' ('…若有人已发愿、今发愿、当发愿,欲生阿弥陀佛国者,是诸人等,皆得不退转于阿耨多罗三藐三菩提,于彼国土,若已生、若今生、若当生。是故… 诸善男子善女人,若有信者,应当发愿,生彼国土…')

      This is not just an exhortation to be born in Pure Land due to the great advantage of being able to attain Non-retrogression there. It is also a direct instruction on the timeless importance of having strong Aspiration to be born there, as powered by strong Faith. The cultivation of non-retrogressible Faith and Aspiration is part of Practice too. Before reaching Pure Land, if we have determined and mindful Practice to stay connected to Amituofo('s blessings) via his name, that is powered by unshakable Faith and Aspiration, we too, in a way, are already 'non-retrogressible', for Pure Land will certainly be reached.

      Before reaching Pure Land, to become truly non-retrogressible in Faith and Aspiration, the only way is by strengthening our Faith and Aspiration with continual Practice (and learning). Those who are already non-retrogressible, will express their Faith and Aspiration with continual Practice too. Why procrastinate or hesitate then? Why delay or wait? Why not embark on the path of becoming Avaivartikas now? The earlier we begin our sincere and diligent Practice, the sooner will we have non-retrogressible Faith and Aspiration. Only with non-retrogressible Faith and Aspiration, can we reach Pure Land to become non-retrogressible Bodhisattvas. As life is short and unpredictable, the path to Pure Land and thus eventual Buddhahood must begin with Practice now!

      You and all others should faithfully accept my words,
      and the teachings of all Buddhas [in this sutra].


      - Amitabha Sutra (The Buddha)

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       Excerpt: Why Practise Compassion For All?

      As the path to Buddhahood 
      necessitates compassion for one and all,
      to be truly compassionate to others 
      is to be compassionate to oneself,
      to be truly compassionate to oneself 
      is to be compassionate to others.


      Without exception, no sufferings belong to anyone [in particular].
      They must be warded off simply because they are suffering.
      Why is any limitation put on this?

      If one asks why suffering should be prevented, no one disputes that!
      If it must be prevented, then all of it must be.
      If not, then this goes for oneself as for everyone.

      You may argue: compassion 'causes' us so much 'suffering', 
      why 'force' it to arise?
      Yet when one sees how much the world suffers,
      how can this 'suffering from compassion' be considered great?

      If the 'suffering' of one ends the suffering of many,
      then one who has compassion for others and oneself
      must 'cause that suffering' [from self-sacrifice] to arise.

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      The Bodhicaryavatara (Shantideva)
      (Translated by Kate Crosby & Andrew Skilton)


      Midnight in Paris: The Golden Age
      Anonymous: Mightier Than the Sword


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