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To Be Happy | Heartbreak Kid | Measure of Your Compassion & Wisdom | Emptiness Does Not Mean Nothingness

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      TheDailyEnlightenment.com Weekly 15.02.08

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      Why be angry if no one wants you angry?
      To punish yourself by being angry is foolish.

      Why be angry if someone wants you angry?
      To please another by being angry is foolish.

      - stonepeace

      Get less; exchange more



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      The Measure of Your Compassion & Wisdom

      Compassion without wisdom is unskilful as it can harm.
      Wisdom without compassion is unskilful as it cannot help.
      Only compassion with wisdom is skilful.
       - stonepeace

      In the Bodhisattva practice of benefitting as many as possible, thus needing to use a wide variety of ways, "Upaya" (short here for "upāya kauśalya") is used - which refers to "skill in means", "skilful (expedient) means" or "tactfulness". The definition of the "skilful" refers to that which is wholesome, which leads (be it directly or indirectly) to purification of the mind - in other words, Nirvana or True Happiness. Upaya, though hard to pinpoint, is one of the most colourful and inspiring aspects of Buddhism, for it is the combined embodiment of compassion and wisdom in action. 

      One of the main reasons why we are fascinated by stories of the Buddha's interaction with the unenlightened is how he manages to skilfully use conditions present in the contexts of his audiences to share the truth. A masterful teacher, he is able to highlight the most subtle Dharma through the simplest of analogies and such. The strength of one's Upaya is directly equivalent to the quality and quantity of one's compassion and wisdom, which form the twin interdependent peaks of all other virtues. Thus, all Buddhas have perfect Upaya.

      Emulating the enlightened, Buddhists practise the Dharma to perfect Upaya, by increasing compassion and wisdom. Upaya, which is "spiritual creativity" in outreach, is the expression of the Dharma with compassion and wisdom, beyond preachy ways. The best Upaya is often the least obvious! As long as there is Upaya, there will be endless ways to share the Dharma. When Upaya seems short, it implies the inadequacy of compassion and wisdom! First things first - you can't "market" the Dharma well if you do not practise what you preach!
      - Shen Shi'an

      Share the Dharma that others lack, but practise the Dharma you lack too. - stonepeace

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      Emptiness Does Not Mean Nothingness

       https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thedailyenlightenment.com%2Fpics%2F568.jpg&t=1503034074&sig=wKQRBBxL6BaGDwXa8BEVqA--~D It is not that phenomena are illusions; rather, they are like illusions. - HHDL

      There is no question that persons and things exist; the question is how, or in what manner, they exist. [Interdependently; not independently.] When we consider a flower, for instance, and think, "This flower has a nice shape, nice color, and nice texture," it seems as if there is something concrete that possesses these qualities of shape, color and texture. When we look into these qualities, as well as the parts of the flower, they seem to be qualities or parts of the flower, such as the color of the flower, the shape of the flower, the stem of the flower, and the petals of the flower - as if there is a flower that possesses these qualities or parts.

      However, if the flower really exists the way it appears, we should be able to come up with something separate from all of these qualities and parts that is the flower. But we cannot. Such as flower is not found upon analysis, or through other scientific tools, even though previously it seemed so substantial, so findable. Because a flower has effects, it certainly exists, but when we search to find a flower existing in accordance with our ideas about it, that is not at all findable. [Emptiness refers to phenomena being empty of fixed qualities.]

      - How to See Yourself As You Really Are (His Holiness the Dalai Lama) p.63.4
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